5 Best Family Tree Softwares

There are plenty of reasons to decide you want to know your family history. In the past, it was not easy to get answers to this question, though. Luckily thanks to the advance of technology, we can research our family tree from the comfort of our own homes easily.

Family Tree software is a category of computer applications that automatically generate detailed accounts of your genetic and ancestral history. They represent one of the easiest ways for you to learn more about your family’s past.

We have collected a few of the top software out for you to make family trees with. These are all top quality products, and each of them will help you with this task. Not all of them are equal still, though. Let’s look deeper at what it is that separates these products from each other and what makes them stand out from the competitors.

Reviews of the Top Family Tree Software For 2020

Our review process involves detailed research that is time-consuming. We spend the time researching what has the most impact when selecting products, so you do not have to. Below we have arranged the top five options for family tree software.

Each review will give you our overall impression of the product, key technical details, and why it is the best in its particular category. This should be more than enough to narrow the field of options down for you quite a bit.

Ancestry: Best Overall Family Tree Software

Mini-review of the Product

The User Interface of this product is very easy to grasp. You will be quite capable of figuring things out on your own, simply following the on-screen prompts. Once you are through entering the required data, you’ll be given a full family tree in no time at all. Considering how reliable the data is, it is hard to conclude this is anything other than the best.

Star Rating (1 to 5 scale)

Four and a Half Stars out of Five

Key Details About This Product

  • Well Designed User Interface
  • Rich Content Details and Feedback\
  • Share Completed Family Trees Easily
  • Comprehensive Genealogical Analysis
  • Monthly Subscription Service

Highlight of Why This Product is the Best Family Tree Software Overall:

The comprehensive feature set is more than worth the monthly cost for this software. It may be the easiest to use out of all of them. It definitely provides you the most accurate and detailed results out of all of their leading competitors. This is the primary reason it is the best. A family tree made with inadequate data is not worth much. Don’t settle for less than the best.

Archives: Best Level of Detail in Results for Family Tree Software

Mini-review of the Product

Only missing the cut for our top overall selection, the only thing holding this one back is the lack of pictorial tree generation. You can get much more detail about your ancestors with this software than with any other one. Yet you will be stuck looking at historical documents and not a neat Family Tree at the end.

Star Rating (1 to 5 scale)

Four and a Quarter Stars Out of Five

Key Details About This Product

  • Detailed Results and Data
  • No Graphs or Pictorial Trees
  • Multiple Research Sources
  • Low Cost
  • Search Archives for Documents

Highlight of Why This Product is the Top Family Tree Software For Level of Detail:

This is the only software on the list that lets you read through archived documents. This will let you see much more into who exactly is part of your family tree. There is a lot more detail here than simple names and dates of birth.

Legacy Family Tree: Best Value Family Tree Software

Mini-review of the Product

The way you determine the value of a family tree is very personal. Not everyone will necessarily agree, which is the best value. A good general rule of thumb is to look at the number of features included compared to the overall price.

Using this metric, the clear winner for the best value in the family tree software industry is, without a doubt, this product right here. If you want to get the absolute most bang for your buck, then you found it right here.

Star Rating (1 to 5 scale)

Four out of Five Stars

Key Details About This Product

  • Great GEDCOM Import Accuracy
  • Options for Scrapbooking
  • Automatic Cloud-Based Backups
  • Easily Share Completed Genealogy Reports
  • Location Mapping
  • Highlight of Why This Product is the Best Value Family Tree Software
  • Compared to other options, the price that is charged for this one will give you access to the total number of features possible.

Heredis 2018: Best Ease of Use for Family Tree Software

Mini-review of the Product

The user interface truly is the standout feature in this product. It would be impossible for you to find software that is more intuitive to pick up and get started using. This family tree software will be perfect for people who are limited in their experience using computers.

Star Rating (1 to 5 scale)

Three and a Half Stars Out of Five

Key Details About This Product

  • Bow-Tie & Hourglass Charts
  • Fan Charts
  • Very Intuitive User Interface and Navigation
  • Descendant Trees
  • No Automatic Backup or Task Lists

Highlight of Why This Product is the Best Family Tree Software for Ease of Use:

Creating guided tutorials that walk you through everything with pop up message windows makes this a product anyone can use.

Family Historian: Best Customization for Family Tree Software

Mini-review of the Product

For those of you out there who want to make everything there own, this is the family tree software for you. It has the most number of features that are available for you to customize. Get all of your favorite genealogical information presented to you how you would like it the most using this software.

Star Rating (1 to 5 scale)

Three and a Half Stars Out of Five

Key Details About This Product

  • Multiple Chart Types
  • Custom Charting Tools
  • GEDCOM Data Import
  • Helpful AI Hint Assistant
  • Tons of Other Options Available for Customization

Highlight of Why This Product is the Best Family Tree Software for Customization

With a large number of customizable options, this family tree software strikes a chord with those who love customization options.

What to Look For When Trying to Find High-Quality Family Tree Software

Selecting the best software for you is not an easy task. It is its own art form. Every person has their own needs and tastes. Narrowing down your selection is pretty easy. Ask yourself the following questions, and you will see for yourself.

How To Decide On the Best Family Tree?

Look at what you want to get out of using a family tree software. Then look at the best options available. Finally, compare what is available with the features you want the most.
Key Features in High-Quality Family Tree Software

Being able to share data with other people is important if you want other people to see the family tree than yourself. Make sure the software can make visual trees, too, so you are not just stuck with a list of names.

Before Using Family Tree Software

Compare all of the options that are available for you. Many of them share the same features but sell at different price points. Make sure that the product you are looking at cannot be met by another with similar features for a lower price. That’s what to do if you want to find the best deal possible.

Why People Love Family Tree Software

Learning about your own history has fascinated people for eons. Your family is as much a part of you as you are. Learning more about them is always enticing.

The Bottom Line When It Comes To Family Tree Software

Ancestry is the clear winner in this line up of different products. It has the greatest number of features available when compared to other software options. The price is a little higher, but at the end of the day, that is what you are paying for in this world. Spend a little bit more and guarantee that you will get results you will love today. You truly do not have anything to lose.

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