Jenny Cowen

Jenny CowenJenny was born curious and with a love of history! It was therefore inevitable that whilst studying Law at Melbourne University she included as many historical subjects in her degree as possible. It was also during this period of her life she made the decision that she would investigate my own family history. Coinciding with her legal career she has spent endless hours researching her family and consequently discovered that she has an incredible pedigree.

Her passion for genealogy is evident in her organizing of and successfully running family reunions at a football match and the Solomon and Associated Families Reunions in 2012 and 2015.

Her original research has been the focal point of a television presentation, which won the Summit International Bronze Award, and an article in “Inside History” magazine in January 2015. She has also written material for the Australian Jewish Historical Society and given talks for local councils and genealogical societies. She has appeared on Channel 7 News and on their “Sunrise” program and also spoken about the Solomon family on ABC’s national radio. She is  currently immersed in writing biographies focusing on family members.

She is therefore well placed to speak and write about the planning and convening aspects of organizing a successful family reunion.

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