Who Are Those People on the Cover of “Going In-Depth” Magazine?

Going In-Depth: February 2013

Unknown relatives of Jennifer Alford

When we first began the magazine we spent a fair bit of time trying to decide what the cover should look like for our premiere issue.  We knew a bit about copyright laws and we couldn't use images  we didn't own without getting permission.  The problem was that a lot of the older photographs we each owned were not necessarily taken by a family member.  So what could we do?

It crossed our mind that perhaps by featuring an "unknown" person, we could mitigate any potential problems in the future. So, we scoured our own collections and gathered up those we were hoping for identification help. We held onto the thought that at some point a reader might see and recognize the photograph. Wouldn't this be amazing?

So far we've included possible ancestors of our own, photos picked up at yard sales, antique malls, and found online with no known identifiers.  If we could possibly determine who took the picture or who it was, we chose not to include it. I will admit that if someone identified the photo as being taken by their relative or even it being a portrait of their ancestor we would quite gladly give proper credit. We'd be happy to hand over the photo too.

Do you know these people? If so, let us know!

About Jennifer Alford

Jennifer Alford is a writer, artist, and genealogy professional specializing in research in Jewish genealogy and the Midwest. As the owner of Jenealogy (www.jenalford.com) she creates engaging family history treasures to enhance the bond between generations. The love of photography, storytelling, and history combine in her blog and unique products. As part of The In-Depth Genealogist's Leadership Team, Jen is Publisher of IDG's monthly magazine, Going In-Depth.

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