WDYTYA, Genchat and Google HangOuts on Air

It's finally here. That long-awaited night, its been on a majority of Genealogists lists. The TLC premier of Who Do You Think You Are? They first episode will focus on Kelly Clarkson and her journey into her families past. We invite you to join The In-Depth Genealogist and Conference Keeper as we host #genchat (on twitter). If you have not joined us for a #genchat in the past, you can find instructions here.

After genchat, we will be changing social media platforms and moving to Google +. There we will be hosting our very first Google Hang Out on Air! Here we will have a few special guests that will be joining us as we continue our discussion about Kelly's journey.  Though the panel only allows for a certain number of people, you will be able to watch the show live on the InDepthGen You Tube Channel. We hope that you will be joining us for this great event.

About Terri O'Connell

Terri O’Connell is a professional genealogist in the Chicago area, focusing on Midwestern United States Genealogy, with a main focus in Illinois and a special interest in Irish research. She is also the owner of Cruise Planners – O’Connell Cruise and Travel (terri@cruiseplanners.com), a full service travel company. Their mission is to encompass the full family: vacations, reunions, and history travel. Terri is a travel enthusiast with a passion for genealogy and enjoys bringing the two together to assist her clients in their travel needs. You can find Terri online at www.facebook.com/cruiseplannersoconnell, www.facebook.com/tracingmyfamily or you can find her at www.findingourancestors.com for all things genealogy. Terri is the Executive Director of The In-Depth Genealogist.

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