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A couple of months ago, I wrote about my first impressions of the new Legacy 8 Deluxe genealogy software program.  At the time, Legacy 8 Deluxe had only been available for a week.  Now, that I’ve gotten to use Legacy 8 Deluxe for a while, I want to tell you about my favorite new feature.

Of all the new features, I absolutely love the Shared Events feature.  This feature is amazing.  Whenever you find an event with two or more people on it, you don’t need to create the event for each person named in the record.  You can create or add an existing event to the first person.  Before hitting “Save” for this event, click on “People who share this event”.  Then click “Add one or more people”.   You then have the choice to select a person from your name list or just type in the name of the person who shares the event.  Selecting the names of people who share the event is quick and easy using the name list but when there is a person who shared the event who is not in your list the second option makes it simple to add that person.

A window opens for the event that includes the name of the event, a space for a description, the date, and the place for the event.  Legacy 8 includes a default list of descriptions that can be added by clicking on your choice, however, you can type in any description you want to use. For example, if the event is a census, the description list would contain head of household, husband, wife, son, daughter, and any other commonly found relationship for the people in one household on a census page.  But it is not unusual to find someone who does not fit the descriptions in the default list, such as a cousin or nephew or housekeeper.  When the person’s role in the household is not on the default list, all you have to do is edit the role by typing in the correct description.

You can add or remove as many people as you want from the shared event, change the their role descriptions, and add notes about the event or a person’s role in the event.

When you use the Shared Events you want to be sure that you’ve written the citation for your source.  This is simple in Legacy.  Legacy has a feature called Source Writer, which has templates for all common record types.  If there is not a template, you can create one or use the Basic Source System.  Source Writer follows the citation styles found in Elizabeth Shown Mills’ book, [amazon_link id="0806318066" target="_blank" container="" container_class="" ]Evidence Explained[/amazon_link].  Legacy was the first genealogy software program to have a source writer, which is why Legacy was my first choice as my primary genealogy program.

Once you’ve written your source citation, copy it to the clipboard.  You can then attach it to everyone who shares an event.  This works wonderfully especially with census records.  A census record for a family usually contains several events shared by each member of the household.  Being listed in the same household in the census would be one shared event but there would be other shared events on this record, such as residence.

Legacy has always been a great program and new or improved features like this prove that it just keeps getting better and better.  I’d recommend Legacy 8 Deluxe to every family historian.









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One thought on “Update on Legacy 8 Deluxe

  • Clara Meredith

    I’ve been using the free version for a while now and I have to say I’m not liking it. I’ve only ever used PAF and I found that so intuitive and perfect for MY needs. I wish I felt the same about Legacy but I don’t.