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Those of us who use Legacy Family Tree have been waiting and anxious for months for the new Legacy 8 Deluxe Family Tree software to be released.  I’ve used Legacy Deluxe for several years and believe it is the best and most complete genealogy software on the market. Now, it’s even better!

Legacy Daily News, webinars, and videos on their website have been teasing us for months. Several articles giving descriptions of the new features in Legacy 8 and screen shots have appeared regularly in the news section on the Legacy Family Tree website.  For those of you who may be interested in purchasing or upgrading to Legacy 8, these articles are available to read there and give much more detail than this review.

A book titled Legacy Family Tree - Unlocked! by Legacy's own, Geoff Rasmussen was even pre-released a few months before the new software to entice users and the public to want Legacy Deluxe 8.  The book teaches how to best use the new features in Legacy 8 to further your research.

Several purchase choices are given in the Legacy store on the Legacy Family Tree website.   The basic option is just purchasing the software as a download for $29.95.  This version also includes software for the Legacy Deluxe Charting program.  For an additional $5, you can get a PDF of the 336 page user’s guide.  Add another $4 and you get both a printed and PDF user’s guide and the Legacy for Beginners training video.  For $59.95, you can order all of this, plus Volume 1 of  the Legacy training CDs.

What’s new in Legacy 8 Deluxe?  A lot more than I can tell you about here, but you can read plenty about it and watch a video demonstrating the new features on the Legacy Family Tree website.

The new software has been out for less than two weeks so I haven’t gotten to try all of the new features and check out all of the improvements and enhancements to the features carried over from Legacy 7.5.  Here’s a little summary of some of what I’ve tried in the new version.  My opinions are subject to change as I become more familiar with using version 8.

The new Origins and Migration reports are pretty cool. You can see the percent of your ancestors who came from various countries and track their migration through those countries or through the Untied States. You can also map their migration and watch an animation of it and have a choice of viewing modes.

The Instant Duplicate Checking automatically checks to make sure that when you add a new person to your tree that the individual isn’t already there.  This saves time not having to merge or delete duplicates.

Potential problems don’t have to be checked separately and run as a report anymore.  Alerts are instantly added next to an individual’s name when there is a problem, such as a child being born to a couple that is probably too old to have newborn children or too many years between the children’s births.

Events and their source citations can be shared among all the individuals involved within the event.  I love this feature!  It will be great when recording a family on a census.

You can now record whether information is original or derivative, primary or secondary, and whether it is direct or indirect.  I’m thrilled to have this feature.

Lots of new things you can do with your source citations.  You can now attach and print Source Labels at the top of your documents so the sources will always be with the documents.  You can also add your citations and a bibliography to your pedigree charts.

Another new feature I really like is the Automatic Sorting.  The children of a couple, multiple marriages of an individual, and a person’s events can automatically be sorted chronologically when 1` they are added.

Some of the other new features and enhancements include FamilySearch Integration, 9 tags and Advanced Tagging, a Statistics report, Media Relinker to locate missing or unlinked pictures or moving pictures from one computer to another, Media Gatherer to copy or move your pictures into one common folder, and Color Coding from two starting points, such as from you and from your spouse, and much more.

So far, I love most of the new features and improvements.  There are only a few things I’ve found that I’m not completely happy about.  One is that I think it is more difficult to customize the screen and its components than in previous versions of Legacy.  The other thing is that almost everything has to be done with icon buttons.  Sometimes, drop down lists are quicker than hunting for the right button. The drop down list I miss the most is that in the other versions, when you clicked on “File”, a list of the last four files would be shown.  Since these are the files I used most often, I really liked having them handy, instead of having to go through a list of all of my genealogy files.  In spite of these few items, I think I’m going to really love Legacy Deluxe 8.


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  • Karen Ritchey Traverse

    I have been doing genealogy for about 30 yrs now, and through several different formats, I now have purchased my last laptop (I am 81) and would like to continue with just one program and Legacy 8 was highly recommended to me. So do you recommend I buy the entire learning package? I am interested in your opinion.