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Genealogist Terri O’Connell was born and raised in Chicago, IL where she is a mother to three children ranging from 15-23 years old and has been researching her various family lines since the 1990’s. She originally started to try and place her family in Ireland, wanting to know exactly where the family came from. Her ties to her Irish family were cut when she was very young and this was her way of tying herself to that family. What she discovered is there are reasons for everything in life, and you can certainly find some of the answers by looking into the past.

Though she has found her families Irish origins, she is not finished. There is so much more to learn and she will continue in her efforts to add the leaves to her family tree.

As her family historian, Terri maintains a family blog, Finding Our Ancestors. You can find her latest finds and stories about her ancestors there. Currently, she is spending her free time analyzing all the records she currently has on her family to see what else they will tell her.


Some of her favorite posts are:



Her newest project is co-founding The In-Depth Genealogist with Genea-buddy Stephanie Fishman. Who knew that when they signed up to be genea-buddies and help each other out through this year that they would end up taking on this project!

Besides genealogy, Terri loves reading, photography, and travel. A good day is when she can combine all of these hobbies together! All three of these hobbies started in her childhood, while growing up her father made sure the family traveled yearly and with each trip, the camera was there. Documenting each trip and the history of his family. Terri hopes that one day, her children will look back with fond memories as well. You can find her travel blog at Wanderlust and a Camera.


Terri has taken her love for travel and opened her own travel agency. If you are need assistance booking a trip, you can contact her here.



You can find Terri writing for The In-Depth Genealogist in blog posts, on the forum, and as the Travels with Terri monthly column.

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