Who Do You Think You Are?

Another Season of Who Do You Think You Are   Recently updated !

This afternoon we received confirmation that TLCs, Who Do You Think You Are? will begin airing on Sunday, March 5th. Make sure to mark this in your planner, I am sure you do not want to miss one episode. From the press release:   Jessica Biel makes surprising discoveries that change what she thought knew about her heritage. Julie Bowen uncovers […]

Chris Noth sitting with John Russick.

The WDYTYA Finale is Two-riffic 2

This season of Who Do You Think You Are? seems so short. But, TLC and Ancestry gave us another great season. The finale was two episodes, the first with Chris Noth and the final with Lea Michele. This episode of Chit Chat Live we discuss both of these episodes, in-depth. In our discussion about the Chris Noth episode, we discussed […]

Molly Ringwald WDYTYA Sneak Peak

This Sunday on TLC we get to follow Molly Ringwald on her quest to discover her Swedish roots.  Through family tragedy and triumph, Molly connects with her father’s ancestors whom she knew nothing about.  Plus, discover if her grandfather was correct (or only teasing) about being of a royal bloodline.

Peace Links Generations of Katey Sagal’s Family

This weeks episode of Chit Chat Live focuses on the Katey Sagal episode of Who Do You Think You Are? Katey lost both of her parents at a young age and goes into this journey with “no living relatives,” as she stated in the beginning of the show. We are excited that next weeks episode will be Molly Ringwald. All […]

IDG chit chat Live

IDG chit chat Live

Wizarding World of Scott Foley

This episode of Chit Chat Live we discuss the episode of Who Do You Think You Are? with Scott Foley (currently of Scandal) . Scott grew up not knowing what his roots were and was very interested in each find that was revealed to him during the episode. It was wonderful to hear him say that “from now on, I […]