Long Lost Family and the Virtual Genealogical Society

On the latest episode of GenFriends, Cheri and the panel discuss the last two episodes of Long Lost Family. Cheri also talks with Katherine Willson about the new Virtual Genealogical Society. Meet the Panel: Mary Kircher Roddy – MKR Genealogy Melissa Barker – The Archive Lady Meet the Special Guest Katherine Willson – Virtual Genealogical Society We hope you enjoy the […]

A Team Goes Home and Families Continue to Reconnect

On GenFriends, our host, Cheri, discusses last Sunday’s episodes of Relative Race and Long Lost Family. From the losing of one team to reconnecting families, GenFriends continues to look deep into each of the episodes. Meet the Panel: Shelley Murphy – FamilyTreeGirl Mary Kircher Roddy – MKR Genealogy Links We Discussed: BYUtv TLC Products that can help you find your […]

Families Reunited and Sharing Stories

  GenFriends host, Cheri discusses the latest episodes of Relative Race and Long Lost Family with the panel about families reunited and their sharing of stories. Meet the Panel: Mary Kircher Roddy – MKR Genealogy We hope you enjoy this episode. Make sure to come back next week to see what is happening on your favorite genealogy television shows.

High Emotions from Relative Race to Long Lost Family

This weeks genealogy tv was full of high emotions. On Relative Race 3 of the 4 teams met close relations, from a sister to uncles. On Long Lost Family the emotions continued as a women looks for her sister and a man looks for his biological parents. Join host, Cheri, as she discussed these episodes with the panel. Meet the Panel: […]

Chit Chat Live: Genealogy TV Finalies

Genealogy TV Finalies: The genealogy season always seems so short. This past week we watched the final episodes of Long Lost Family and Relative Race. Most of this season of Long Lost Family has touched many of our hearts. We have watched these heart warming stories reuniting biological families. The final episodes did not hold back, the episode was a […]

Chit Chat Live, Genealogy

WDYTYA?: Liv Tyler

The season finale of Who Do You Think You Are? follows actress Liv Tyler. This episode will NOT air of Sunday evening as the rest of the series, but will air Monday, April 24 at 8 / 7 Central. It looks like Liz is joined by her father, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith for part of her journey into the his […]