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Facebook and Twitter for Scottish Genealogy 1

Before I had kids, I was anything but a morning person. Now 21 years in, mornings are one of my favourite times. It’s quiet. I can enjoy my coffee and mull over the genealogy news of the day on social media. Facebook and Twitter are not just a great way to connect, but they can keep you informed about what […]

Social Media and Genealogy: It’s Not Just About Chats With Friends Anymore 1

Okay, I know what you are thinking, “jeesh another post about social media, whoopee!”  Well, before you pass this by, ask yourself: do I really know what “Social Media” is?  Go ahead, I’ll wait. Have an answer?  Good.  Social media is hard to define, or even describe to most people, as it is ever changing and almost fluid in the […]

#NGS2013 and the Power of Twitter

[author image=”” ]Randi Mathieu has been doing family history research since 2005. She is an Assistant Branch Library at the Ira Township Library in Fair Haven, MI where she hosts Genealogy Work Day and teaches a class “Beyond”. She is also one half of, a professional genealogy duo. We do professional research for you just choose a package […]

Are you ready for #genchat?

The team at The In-Depth Genealogist is excited to announce that we are now officially partnering with Conference Keeper as hosts of the twice-monthly genealogy chat on Twitter. If you haven’t been with us on a chat before, it’s a fast-paced time filled with tips, tricks, and research stories from genealogists of all ages and stages. Just as IDG strives to be a digital community for all genealogists, #genchat supports the same goal.

Got a growing pile of business cards? Use WorldCard Mobile!

During my short time in the genealogy world I have collected a few dozen business cards. They are from every place I have visited, anyone I have talked to on a professional level, or people I have just met at genealogy functions. Many have given me their card, others I picked up for reference later. My desk drawer has a stack of them, and now I am not sure who they all are or why I have them, let alone remember who is in the pile. With the conference season beginning in full force, I searched for a better tech way to help you with the business card clutter you may be coming home with or have already accumulated. It is called WorldCard Mobile by Penpower Technology, Ltd.