Scottish Genealogy

An In-Depth Look at Scottish Death Records   Recently updated !

Turning our attention to the Scottish death records, we will take an in-depth look at where we can find this information. Death records in Scotland are one of the more sparsely available record sets as there was no requirement to record a burial until the 16th century. As well, there were times throughout history when documenting the death was near […]

An In-Depth Look at Scottish Census Records 8

Although there were censuses taken prior to 1841, the earlier ones do not provide much in the way of genealogical information, being more an account of numbers of people in any given household, and not named persons. The census records “everyone present in the house on the night” so anyone visiting, away working etc would not be included. Information in […]

An In-Depth Look at Scottish Marriage Records 2

Let’s take an in-depth look at the Scottish marriage records. Prior to 1855, we get the crying of the banns recorded in the Old Parish Registers. ¬†are recorded in the Old Parish Registers (OPRs) The intention of the couple to marry was proclaimed from the pulpit for three consecutive Sundays prior to the marriage. This was standard practice in the […]

An In-Depth Look at Scottish Birth Records 1

Let’s take an in-depth look at the Scottish birth records. Births prior to 1855 are recorded in the Old Parish Registers (OPRs) as Baptisms. These are fairly scant entries, often limited to the name of the child, the name of the father, the date of the baptism and perhaps the names of the witnesses. In some instances, depending on the […]

An In-Depth Look at Researching Scottish Ancestors 1

In order to be successful researching your Scottish ancestors, you need to know where in Scotland your ancestors were from. Once you know that, you are ready to actually research. The essential website for Scottish research is the ScotlandsPeople website. This is the website for the records of the General Register’s Office and is the online repository for all official […]

Hidden Gems

It is amazing the wealth of Scottish documents and photographs that are sitting in local archives, local museums and local historical societies just waiting for people to have a look. The John Gray Centre in Haddington is home of the East Lothian archives. They are in the process of digitizing their poor relief applications, indexing them and making them available […]