Scottish Genealogy

An In-Depth Look at Victorian Tax Rolls 1

National taxes funded wars, an ongoing event in Scottish history. Some taxes were used to pay military debts in between wars. These National taxes are in addition to any local council taxes that were levied, since the local taxes were used for local needs such as poor relief. The National Records of Scotland has digitized some of their historical tax […]

An In-Depth Look at Scottish University Archives 2

The Scottish universities have archival collections that are often overlooked as a resource for genealogy research. However, the records held at the Universities often contain robust information for rounding out the story of your ancestors. This information may not be found in any other collection. The University archives  include documents and photos related to the operation of the universities, such […]

Going In-Depth with Scottish Poor Law Records 1

Prior to 1845, the responsibility for assisting the poor lay jointly with the Kirk and the ‘heritors’ or landowners. The landowner raised money from assessments. You may find notation of poor assistance in the accounts books of the Estate owners. The Kirk raised money through mort cloth rentals and fines for immoral behaviour.  To find whether your ancestor made application […]

Going In-Depth with ScotlandsPeople 3

In order to be accurate and effective in your research, you need to use the ScotlandsPeople website: This is the website for the records of the General Register’s Office (GRO). Their website is the online repository for all official documents: birth, marriage, death, census, wills and testaments. This is the  only place where you can view the original images. […]

An In-Depth Look at Scottish Death Records

Turning our attention to the Scottish death records, we will take an in-depth look at where we can find this information. Death records in Scotland are one of the more sparsely available record sets as there was no requirement to record a burial until the 16th century. As well, there were times throughout history when documenting the death was near […]

An In-Depth Look at Scottish Census Records 8

Although there were censuses taken prior to 1841, the earlier ones do not provide much in the way of genealogical information, being more an account of numbers of people in any given household, and not named persons. The census records “everyone present in the house on the night” so anyone visiting, away working etc would not be included. Information in […]