Book Review: The Adoptee’s Guide to DNA Testing by Tamar Weinberg

New from Family Tree Magazine is a book designed to help adoptees and others who are struggling to find connections to their family tree. DNA may in many cases help provide information to help find adoptees or anyone with unknown parentage cases. The subheading states the purpose of the book: How to use Genetic Genealogy to Discover Long Lost Family. […]

Review: FastFoto FF-640

During Rootstech 2017 we met with the team at the Epson booth to talk about their product, FastFoto FF-640, a photo scanner that is well worth looking into. While there we were treated to a quick demonstration on how the scanner works. With either a pile of old photo’s or a delicate photo with some damage, FastFoto can help. For […]

Book Review:  White Slave Children Trilogy by Richard Hayes Phillips, PhD

This year two more volumes in the Without Indentures series by Richard Hayes Phillips, PhD, published by the Genealogical Publishing Company, were released.  This little know index traces children who were transported to Colonial Maryland and Virginia from Europe and other colonies. Phillips new books add to his first book, Without Indentures: Index to White Slave Children in Colonial Court Records […]

Got a growing pile of business cards? Use WorldCard Mobile!

During my short time in the genealogy world I have collected a few dozen business cards. They are from every place I have visited, anyone I have talked to on a professional level, or people I have just met at genealogy functions. Many have given me their card, others I picked up for reference later. My desk drawer has a stack of them, and now I am not sure who they all are or why I have them, let alone remember who is in the pile. With the conference season beginning in full force, I searched for a better tech way to help you with the business card clutter you may be coming home with or have already accumulated. It is called WorldCard Mobile by Penpower Technology, Ltd.

Review of the New Evidentia Software 5

Verifying work through the genealogical proof standard just got easier!

Our sources are the foundation of the work we create as family historians, genealogists, and the keepers of our family archives. They give us the foundation that our conclusions, assumptions and history are based on. Sources are also one of the most talked about topics among genealogists. We discuss how to do them, why to do them, who doesn’t do them, and everything in between. You would think at times that it is the topic that people love to hate.