GeneaChat: Organization – Where Do You Put Your Stuff-Recap-What are Y’all Saying?

This month we have been sharing our ideas for organizing our research, photos, and other things we collect through the research process. What works for you may not work for someone else, but sharing how you do it may trigger an idea for someone else to implement in their process. So, what were y’all saying? Here’s a post I wrote […]

GeneaChat: Organization-Where Do You Put Your Stuff? 1

GeneaChat: Organization-Where Do You Put Your Stuff? Seems like every January we start planning and thinking about our lives. We make goals and decide we are finally going to get organized. As genealogists, we often end up with piles of papers. Documents, things we’ve printed, mail, photos, books, etc. We have to- do files that never seen to get done […]

Color Your Ancestors! 6

Frequently, I see articles and blog posts about organizing your genealogy.  I found one method I like very well and that’s simple to use.  It’s a system that’s been around for quite a few years that was developed by Mary E. V. Hill, A.G.*  Mary E. V. Hill is an accredited genealogist who developed her Family Organizer System when she […]

Digital or bust. Is that the question? 5

To digitize your family research or not to digitize your files. Is that a question? No doubt many of you have already answered this statement in your mind. “Why yes I’ve already digitized my genealogy files.” You’ve scanned your pics and documents, your censuses are all nicely attached to the appropriate ancestor on your online family tree and your desk […]