New Writers

IDG Introduces Jenny Joyce

Jenny Joyce is a professional genealogist, lecturer and teacher living in Sydney, Australia, specialising in Australian, English, Irish and Scottish genealogy.  Her earliest immigrant ancestors came to Australia in 1801 and she can count three convicts in her line: two women from England and a man from Ireland. Her ancestors come mainly from England and Ireland, with just a little […]

IDG Introduces Taneya Koonce 1

Taneya loves sharing with others her experience about the first time she remembers being cognizant of the ancestors that came before her. She was 9 years old at the cemetery after her family laid her aunt Ella to rest. There she was, standing in the cemetery, looking at many tombstones with her last name on them – Koonce. And, she […]

IDG Introduces John Boeren

Timelines are a great help for telling a person’s life story. They also give you the opportunity to put her or his life into the context of world history events. This timeline is to introduce John Boeren, a professional genealogist, lecturer and writer who is living in the south of the Netherlands. John is the author of IDG’s column Going […]

IDG Introduces Larry Naukam 2

I would like to welcome any and all readers to my blog posts about doing German genealogy. I have been doing that since the mid 1970s, including trips overseas to visit relatives and archives, and have found great success with that. I am also interested in using computers to further everyone’s genealogy research and actively seek out new and useful […]