Jewish Genealogy

Ashkenazic Shared DNA Survey

When you are Jewish or from another endogamous population (examples include Pacific Islanders, French Canadians, Cajuns, and other communities that were segregated due to religious, geographic or other reasons), predictions by DNA companies about how closely related you are to your matches are often significantly closer than are the actual relationships. Since people in these communities all descend from a […]

JewishGen: The Go-To Site for Jewish Genealogy 5

Anyone who has Ashkenazic Jewish ancestry—or even ancestry from Eastern Europe in general—should be familiar with JewishGen. While an account is required, registration is free (although they do gladly accept donations). JewishGen is truly the go-to site for Jewish genealogy. For those new to JewishGen, JewishGen has a huge “getting started” section which helps its users understand some of the […]

Jewish Burial Information: A Treasure Trove of Information 2

Deceased ancestors leave behind a lot of information about themselves and their families—and even moreso in some cases when they are Jewish. Because of the data that can be found on Jewish gravestones and burial records, as well as understanding the potential relevance of a plot’s location in a particular part of a cemetery, Jewish burial information can yield a […]

An Interview with Lara Diamond

Chit Chat Live host, Valerie Eichler Lair, interviews one of our newest writers, Lara Diamond. Lara’s specialty is Jewish Genealogy. Links discussed during the interview: JewishGen Tracing the Tribe on Facebook Jewish Genealogy Portal on Facebook Lara’s Genealogy Blog Email Lara It is time to grab your favorite snack and cuppa, sit back and enjoy the chat.  

IDG Introduces Lara Diamond

Lara’s genealogy obsession began when she was in middle school and read Alex Haley’s Roots. She found it fascinating reading how he was able to trace his family back generations—and she decided that she wanted to do that too. Thanks to her mother’s patience with chauffeuring Lara to the National Archives and local Family History Center, teenaged Lara was able […]

Behind the Scenes of a Legacy Family Tree Webinar 4

In September I had the opportunity to present “Getting Started Researching Your Jewish Ancestors” hosted by Legacy Family Tree Webinars. About a year ago I had approached Geoff Rasmussen about the possibility of giving a beginner’s session as part of his weekly Free Webinar Wednesday.  When he expressed interest I was thrilled.  To reach a much broader audience than the typical […]