Book Series Teaches Children New Perspectives on History

“What was it like?” This seems to be a question on many children’s minds when they learn about history. They want to be able to picture people’s lives, and put themselves in their shoes, to really know “what it was like – ‘back then’.” There is a series of books that explores this very question in various time periods throughout […]

Confessions of a Genealogist 4

I have been thinking about my grandmother, Eva Zielinski Morgan, a lot lately. She died in April 2011 at the age of 101+. She would have been 102 years old that June. As I was thinking of all the family information she had told me over the years (and taking my walk down memory lane), that is when it hit me: I screwed up. Big time. What was I thinking?

Almost as Good as a Pension File 1

You’ve heard me say it before but I’ll say it again. I am amazed at the amount of information available to us in our genealogy research! Especially when fleshing out our Civil War ancestors. They left us quite a paper trail to follow. It’s there even after 150 years and with a little perseverance we can follow that trail. So here’s one more step on that path, using a really interesting site, as we continue to investigate the lives of our Civil War ancestors.

Round Up Your Family History with Livestock Brands 7

Out here in the West, roaming cattle, sheep, goats, wild horses and other livestock are a not so uncommon sight. Have you explored the possibility that these animals may carry a sign of your family history? If your genealogy brings you to cowboy country, then mosey on through the world of Livestock Branding with me.