Who Needs This Junk? Ephemera as Family History Evidence 1

Looked at the census, check. Got on a major commercial or non-commercial site, check. I think my research is done at last. I do not think so. We look first for the standard genealogical information of births, marriages and deaths to determine biological descent (we are leaving out adoptions etc.as that would be another whole column). But there is far […]

Real Life Genealogy Detectives 4

This month a new TV show, “Genealogy Roadshow”, is starting on PBS.  As an FGS attendee last month, I was treated to a preview.  If you ever watched, “Who Do You Think You Are?” or “The History Detectives” you can expect the same combination of good research, mixed with some good television drama to create a great show. Sometimes the […]

Is it Worth it? 1

You have boxes. Everywhere. They over run the closets, office space, basements, attics, garages. Admit it: you have a historic photo problem.

So do I. Years of submissions to the family archives, which I now hold, gratefully, have caused my storage capacity to, well, hit capacity. We are swimming in old photos. It’s a treasure, a joy.

It’s a pile of stuff I just cannot seem to get a grasp on.

This morning I was discussing with another collaborator the best ways to preserve those photos, to protect them, to separate them from glass and frames they’ve been in for 100 years or more. He asked the question “is it worth it?” Is the photo itself worth the effort? Do you have another photo that would be easier to work with that is similar? Is there a way to get the information from the image without risking any damage?