Ashkenazic Shared DNA Survey

When you are Jewish or from another endogamous population (examples include Pacific Islanders, French Canadians, Cajuns, and other communities that were segregated due to religious, geographic or other reasons), predictions by DNA companies about how closely related you are to your matches are often significantly closer than are the actual relationships. Since people in these communities all descend from a […]

DNA Dilemmas 2

DNA testing for genealogical purposes has never been more popular but it is not without its drawbacks. All too often, people bemoan the fact that potential DNA connections have provided no family information to their testing company of choice, or that they fail to respond to emails. There is however a more serious issue. Somewhere in the fairly small print […]

Review: Citing Genetic Sources for History Research

[Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links which will result in IDG making a small amount of money, if you click and purchase an item. We do appreciate your purchase to support IDG.] With the genetic genealogy craze in full swing, it was only a matter of time before the source citation expert, Elizabeth Shown Mills, brought us a way to […]

New In-Brief: A Beginner’s Guide to Genetics

Are you delving into the world of genetic genealogy?  If so, check out our new guide by Shannon Combs-Bennett.  Packed full of information to help you get started down the research trail of using genetics results with your paper genealogy research.  Not only does it list resources you should check out but it includes a glossary of frequently used words that you […]