Going Beyond Ethnicity Estimates in DNA Testing 1

As a specialist in genetic genealogy, one of the most frequent topics I address in my conversation with others is ethnicity estimates. Someone might say something like: “I’m not really sure how much to trust those genetic tests since my grandmother was Italian, and I only came back with 15% Italian in my results. If they can’t even get the ethnicity […]

Developing a DNA Testing Plan

You have taken your DNA test, and you have your ethnicity estimate, but how does genetic genealogy testing actually help you with your genealogy? Where do you even begin? Even though ethnicity estimates get a great deal of attention, the most genealogically valuable element of your DNA test results is the match list which connects you to others based on […]

Ashkenazic Shared DNA Survey

When you are Jewish or from another endogamous population (examples include Pacific Islanders, French Canadians, Cajuns, and other communities that were segregated due to religious, geographic or other reasons), predictions by DNA companies about how closely related you are to your matches are often significantly closer than are the actual relationships. Since people in these communities all descend from a […]

DNA Dilemmas 2

DNA testing for genealogical purposes has never been more popular but it is not without its drawbacks. All too often, people bemoan the fact that potential DNA connections have provided no family information to their testing company of choice, or that they fail to respond to emails. There is however a more serious issue. Somewhere in the fairly small print […]