Did Your Confederate Ancestor Apply for Amnesty? 3

As soon as he took the oath of office, President Andrew Johnson was faced with the formidable task of reuniting our broken nation. Johnson needed to heal the wounds of war yet deal with the treason of the South. On May 29, 1865, Johnson issued an amnesty proclamation. He signed a sweeping pardon that covered the average Confederate citizen/soldier. Once […]

Digging a Little Deeper into the NPS

If you’ve done some research on your Civil War ancestor I’m sure you’ve been to the Soldiers and Sailors Data Base provided by the National Parks System. There you’re able to find most veterans listed whether Union or Confederate. You’ll find the regiment they fought with, a history on that regiment, descriptions on major battles as well as some cemetery records and a list of Medal of Honor recipients. The site’s filled with lots of information but did you know there’s another link provided by the National Park System?