American Civil War

Some Confederate Prisoners “Swallowed the Dog” 1

  In the latter part of the Civil War, after the prisoner exchange system broke down, Confederate POWs were given a couple options. The first was to be shipped off to one of the Union prisons up north. There they’d live in squalid, miserable conditions for the rest of the war, hopefully avoiding death. Or the prisoners could “swallow the […]

It’s All In How You Say It: Civil War Slang 2

An exciting find for any researcher is coming across a letter or diary written by an ancestor. Reading those words opens our twenty-first century eyes to life during that time. Or maybe the find wasn’t written by our relatives at all but by someone whose life and circumstances were so close to our ancestor’s that their writing could reflect our […]

What Do You Know! My First Civil War Veteran! 2

I’ve had a MyHeritage membership off and on for the past two years and earlier this summer the website revealed my previously unknown Union veteran ancestor!  I was perusing my record matches and saw there was a newspaper article that popped up.  What could it be? It turns out it was a clue which revealed  my 3xGreat Grandfather, John Senn was […]

Ancestors in A Nation Divided

I was so excited when I learned that my friend and colleague, Cindy Freed was having a book published. I met Cindy several years ago when I joined the Daughters of Union Civil War Veterans. One of the first DUV meetings I attended was held in Cindy’s home. When I told my mom where it was, she said, “You know […]

Digging a Little Deeper into the NPS

If you’ve done some research on your Civil War ancestor I’m sure you’ve been to the Soldiers and Sailors Data Base provided by the National Parks System. There you’re able to find most veterans listed whether Union or Confederate. You’ll find the regiment they fought with, a history on that regiment, descriptions on major battles as well as some cemetery records and a list of Medal of Honor recipients. The site’s filled with lots of information but did you know there’s another link provided by the National Park System?