American Civil War

Why are Coins Left on Veterans Headstones? 2

  Recognized by family historians, Cemetery Day, is a wonderful expedition to the final resting place of our ancestors. It’s a day filled with anticipation and hope. Yes, hope that some bit of information that has escaped the researcher on previous visits finally presents itself. Hope in answering one of many secret family mysteries. Cemetery Day also provides us with […]

I See the Soldiers – Do You? 1

  A couple of years ago I had the good fortune, through The In-Depth Genealogist, to get my book Ancestors In A Nation Divided published. The book contains a lot of information for anyone researching their Civil War ancestor. Whether your veteran fought for the North or the South, there are a multitude of research sources given to learn more […]

Provost Marshal Records Will Help in Your Civil War Research

As the Civil War entered its third year the Union had fewer and fewer men enlist. The glory and glamour of war had dimmed as local veterans came home wounded, missing extremities, or not at all. As I mentioned in an earlier article, the United States established the very first draft in 1863. The Civil War Military Draft Act (aka […]

Did Your Confederate Ancestor Apply for Amnesty? 3

As soon as he took the oath of office, President Andrew Johnson was faced with the formidable task of reuniting our broken nation. Johnson needed to heal the wounds of war yet deal with the treason of the South. On May 29, 1865, Johnson issued an amnesty proclamation. He signed a sweeping pardon that covered the average Confederate citizen/soldier. Once […]

Is Your Civil War Ancestor Listed in the Roll of Honor: Soldiers Interred in National Cemeteries 1

  In a previous post we discussed resources for the researcher still unsure where their Civil War veteran is buried. If you’re still seeking that information this resource may help solve the mystery: The Roll of Honor: Names of Soldiers Who Died in Defense of the American Union, Interred in National Cemeteries. Long title but a very important little used […]

Courthouse Records and Your Civil War Soldier: What Can You Find? 4

  You’ve been researching your Civil War ancestor’s service for a while now. You’ve searched the Federal censuses, NARA pension records, Compiled Military Service Records, regimental histories and more. You’ve been a captive to your laptop as you’ve documented your veteran’s actions. Let’s change it up a bit. We’ll get up, get out and get going. Its time for some […]