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As co-founder of The In-Depth Genealogist, Stephanie spends her time doing what she loves: sharing family history with others. Stephanie has been involved in genealogy since 1998 when she began researching her maternal grandmother's family tree as an activity that they could do together. Little did she know that this hobby would not only turn into a passion but would also record the names and stories that were eventually lost as her grandmother was diagnosed with a form of dementia.



Stephanie is a professional genealogist and freelance writer. A genealogical researcher since 1998, Stephanie specializes in Midwestern and Southeastern United States family history, specifically within Ohio and Georgia. She loves helping clients discover their ancestors "one relationship at a time." As an extension of this passion, Stephanie has written articles for genealogy websites such as's Expert Series. She also enjoys helping companies like Saving Memories Forever with projects withing the family history community. You can learn more about the research, writing, and editing services she offers families and organizations at Corn and Cotton Genealogy.

Stephanie is proud to have been the editor of several of Jennifer Holik's books including:

Stephanie and her husband have homeschooled their children since 2000. She is active in the homeschool community and has held both volunteer and professional positions within the home education community. Stephanie also writes several columns that show the exciting ways that families can homeschool their family history including Family History 2.0, a monthly column at

In addition to volunteering within the genealogical community with projects such as indexing and research programs, Stephanie also volunteers as part of the Outreach Committee of FGS and has authored an edition of Reach Out advising societies on ways to connect with the local homeschool community. Because of her passion for local history, Stephanie has volunteered to be a part of several programs including the Sesquicentennial Events Committee with the Kelton House Museum and Garden.

Stephanie Pitcher Fishman was the Creative Director and a  featured writer for The In-Depth Genealogist.

Go In-Depth with Stephanie:

What is your favorite tip for transitional genealogists?

Join a ProGen Study Group! It has been a wonderful experience for me. As of August 2012 I am one-third of the way through the program, and I can't recommend it highly enough. You will learn from your peers and your mentors, and the simple act of discussing your research and assignments will cause you to learn about yourself as a professional genealogist.

What is the most creative way you have shared your ancestor stories?

When my grandmother was still alive, my mother and I created photo scrapbooks of her paternal line with her help. We also included a cd-rom with GEDCOM files, digital copies of photographs and documents, and transcribed oral family histories. A copy was given to both of my uncles (and we each kept one as well!) It was a wonderful piece that still makes me smile.

What are your feelings about adding non-blood related lines into your research (ie...adoptive, step families, etc...)?

I've been blessed with a bonus-mom (aka stepmother) from a very early age. Though lineage societies and groups don't feel it is "my line," I most certainly consider her family heritage my family heritage. I've been influenced and affected by her traditions. We also live in an age where the traditional nuclear family is no longer "traditional." For me, personally, I believe that each family line is created to be unique and should be celebrated as such. If you identify with a family line by all means... add it to your tree!

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Stephanie Pitcher Fishman is a freelance editor, writer, and professional genealogist specializing in research in the Midwest. She also has a passion for sharing ways that homeschooling families can integrate family history into their learning. You can learn more about her services at Corn and Cotton Genealogy ( Stephanie was the Creative Director of The In-Depth Genealogist, a digital community that contributes to the advancement of all genealogists. You can find The In-Depth Genealogist online at

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