Spooky Tales: Mystery, Intrigue and Scandal in Your Family Tree 4

GeneaChat October 2018: Spooky Tales: Mystery, Intrigue and Scandal in Your Family Tree

Every family has an ancestor or two who were rascals. All types of black sheep emerge as we research, and stories come out about their shenanigans. We also discover mysteries and intrigue. Our ancestors may have been involved in stores that become legends or even “spooky” or lived in communities where these types of stories were told and retold.

Here are a couple of posts about some scandal and mystery in my tree:

Fresh Start: Did He, or Didn’t He? Did my great grandmother know what happened to her father?

Found Guilty Twice! From auto theft to murder a member of my family tree who served time.

For now, I haven’t found any ghost stories of legends among the members of my tree, but they lived in places where stories of such things would have been known to them.

My Lee County ancestors heard often of the “Lizard Man of Ore Swamp

Those from Aiken may have avoided being anywhere near the Holley House Hotel

I’ve visited her grave when I’ve been to Camden, SC but never seen her roaming around!

Then there are all those stories about the hauntings in Charleston!

Now it’s your turn. Do you have “Spooky” stories in your family tree? Are there ghost stories or legends your family would have known and talked about? Leave a comment or a link to a post telling us about the mysteries, intrigue and scandal in your family tree, or to those spooky goings on in their communities.

Remember that links to your posts and the comments you leave will be part of the October GeneaChat- Spooky Tales: Mystery, Intrigue and Scandal in Your Family Tree Recap at the end the month.

Can’t wait to hear what y’all have to say!

Thanks for GeneaChatting!

Cheri Hudson Passey

About Cheri Hudson Passey

Cheri Hudson Passey is a Professional Genealogist, Instructor, Writer and Speaker. She is the owner of Carolina Girl Genealogy, LLC which provides research services as well as instruction and coaching though her Genealogy 1-on-1 classes. Born in South Carolina, Cheri has roots in the state for many generations. Her blog Carolina Girl Genealogy has helped tell the story of these ancestors and her research process. You can contact Cheri by email Cheri@carolinagirlgenealogy.com or by visiting her blog Carolina Girl Genealogy. Cheri Hudson Passey writes the Modus Operandi column for Going In-Depth Magazine.

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4 thoughts on “Spooky Tales: Mystery, Intrigue and Scandal in Your Family Tree

  • Diane

    Cheri, this is a wonderful post! I didn’t have time at the moment to visit your spooky stories, but I will be spending 2 hours at the laundromat tomorrow! I can’t wait to visit your stories!

  • Marianne

    Members of the KKK and a drunken wife-beater. Not to mention years of child abuse. But I can’t tell those stories, not yet, anyway. As for your stories, I’ll keep the tab open so I can read them one at a time during breaks tomorrow!