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boudarel_headshotSophie Boudarel is a genealogist, researcher, and trainer, who is living in Paron, France. She does client work on genealogy, writing, speaking and teaching.

She has been involved in genealogy since 1994, when she wanted to understand how her grand-father, whom she didn't know, could have been in possession of his parents' family record book, whereas he had been abandoned at the age of 6. Since then she has been researching her ancestors in France, looking for each and every piece of history about them.

In 2012, she started her own genealogy business, called La Gazette des ancêtres. She conducts genealogical research on commission (in France), gives lecture, teaches beginners, schoolchildren, and publishes in magazines. She enjoys studying and researching a large numbers of topics. She has also specialized in organisation. She has developed charts and research techniques to help her clients stay organized.


Go In-Depth With Sophie:

What is one tip you would give a newbie genealogist?
Do not forget to set up an organization system ! We are quickly overwhelmed with documents, information. To keep the pleasure, keep on tracks !

If you could go to any conference / institute which would it be?
Everything linked to genealogy, archives and history is of interest to me, so I’d like to go to any conference or institute. I had the chance to go to RootsTech, FamilySearch Library at Salt Lake City. I wish I could go to the Library of Congress.

Is there one area / specialty in genealogy you would like to learn / study?
I’d like to learn about genealogy in other countries than mine. As for French genealogy, as soon as I discover something new, I have to learn about it!

What is your favorite Repository?
I love the notarial archives. You can find so many different things in, and learn so much about your ancestors life.

What is your craziest / saddest ancestor story? 
It’s both crazy and sad. My great-grandmother filed for divorce in 1910. My great-grandfather had a mistress and she was living with them, and their child (my grandfather) at their apartment.

What is your favorite blog post from your personal website?
It’s Un mariage d’amour ?, published last June during the A to Z challenge. It’s about my great-grand-parents wedding. It was the first time I tried to write something more personal and more fictionalised.

What is your social media tool of choice for genealogy?
Twitter as it allows you to tweet information about your blog, ask questions, being in touch with people from different knowledge.

What is the most creative way you have shared your ancestor stories?
A timeline I made to follow my great-grand-father. Each marker is linked to a blog post about his story.

What are your feelings about adding non-blood related lines into your research?
I like to see the family as in the latin meaning : a group of people living under the same roof. So, adoptive parents, step families can be in your family tree. It doesn’t have to be blood related to feel like family.

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Sophie is a professional genealogist specializing in organization. Through her blog ( she provides helpful tips to genealogists who are looking for a better organization. She also trains each year genealogists who are in need of a better organization system. Sophie collaborates with the Revue Française de Généalogie, the first French genealogical magazine. Her collaboration includes training sessions, writing both for the magazine and their blog specialized in the use of technology for genealogy ( She is also the author of IDG's semi-monthly column, Back to Your French Ancestors.

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