School Days Recap – What are Y’all Saying?

GeneaChat: School Days Recap - What are Y’all Saying?

Facebook and other social media platforms are full of back to school photos! From pre-k to college kids and adults are putting away their summer toys and getting back to the books.

This month we have been geneachatting about memories surrounding the educational pursuits of our current family or those of our ancestors.

School records can tell us so much about people. Photos, clubs attended, grades received, friends and interests. Even if your ancestors never attended school, they may have been named in school records. Perhaps they worked at a school, contributed to a school fund raiser etc.

So, what did y’all have to say? This topic resonated with quite a few people!

There were several comments:

Janice Webster Brown said:

Thank you for this well-written post about using school records. In my research on WWI I often use college and high school records to create a biography, and if I am really lucky to include an actual photograph. Most people don't often realize how far back schools were including photos in their yearbooks.

Another comment came from Vera Marie Badertscher:

I recently rediscovered a couple of 1930s era yearbooks where the pages were individually typed, and the photos were individual photos pasted int the book (like a photo album). Oh my, the physical labor that went into those!

Clarise Insch replied:

I wish I had a picture, but my nana has a binder of that stuff. She even has her yw progress. It's pretty hilarious and awesome to read her stuff from when she was so young.

And this from Susan Donaldson (Scotsue):

I am envious of American school year books, as we have nothing like that, here in the UK. My aunt was a teacher for 40 years, and I found lovely memories of her from former pupils contributing to the school Facebook page when the school was celebrating its centenary.

Sue McNelly said:

Great post, Cheri! I don’t think I have any school records going further back than my own and my older brother. It’s a great reminder though to preserve those I do have; however, my boys will then see that I was constantly told that I talk too much and that I was unfocused at times! Can’t destroy the image that I was a perfect student!

There were also links to blog posts shared:

Christine Woodcock from “Scottish Genealogy Tips and Tidbits” wrote: Family Ephemera.

My grandmother was a teacher. I have her Certificate of Merit from primary school, sent to me by my cousin.

Aleksandra of the “Gone to Texas” blog told of her mother’s memories of beginning school in war torn Poland in Mom’s WWII Stores: School.

The school memories shared by my mom including her first school day

Eva Johnson form the blog “The Family Librarian” posted Louise’s First Grade Class.

I love finding old class photos in my family photos! It doesn’t just show my ancestor, but all the people that they knew at school, and who they were probably friends with. This photo was one that I found last fall, which made its way all the way from Germany to Chicago.

Sydney Shaffner Gabel from “Spokes of the Wheel” was inspired to write this post: Della Kurtz School Memories.

I have my grandmother’s report cards & a copy of her salutation address. Since she married in 1913, they are before then!

What a wonderful response this month!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share a link or comment about the school days of yourself or your family members!

It’s never too late to be part of the fun. If you missed the original post, here’s where to find it School Days - Your Ancestor’s School Records.

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