Rootstech 2014: Day One

RootsTech 2014 kicked off today with the Innovator Summit. The keynote included a nice box lunch and time to meet up with other bloggers. Our table included Dear Myrtle who was passing out blogger beads to the Geneabloggers.


Blogger Beads for Rootstech 2014. ©Michelle Goodrum; used with permission

Blogger Beads for Rootstech 2014.
©Michelle Goodrum; used with permission


I was fortunate enough to receive the first set of blogger beads for Rootstech 2014.


Michelle at Rootstech 2014
Also at our table:

©Michelle Goodrum; used with permission

©Michelle Goodrum;
used with permission

I'm sure they will have some interesting posts about the keynote.

So our keynote speaker was  Chris Dancy who has been dubbed, "The Most Quantified Man." His talk was entertaining, enlightening and ran the emotional scale from funny to sad.

His theme revolved around immortality particularly in our digital world. Have you thought about what will be left of you after you die? And I'm not referring to your mortal remains. Or even documents. What do you want people to find when someone "Googles" you after you are gone?

Think about all of the things you have a relationship with digitally or online.  They have a story about you just like your family has a story about you. What story do you want to be told? Chris shared numerous examples with us and left us much to think about.

The only session I attended was the presentation by Capers McDonald about a numbering system to help when dealing with DNA data. You can learn more at

The best interactions today were not digital, they were human and occurred at at lunch and at a table on the second floor of the Family History Library. There I learned about AC Ivory's awesome (no, super awesome) method of keeping his research logs. And several tips on DNA from Judy Russell. Finally, I learned from Denise Levenick that I need an attachment for my gorilla pod so I can use my new camera to photograph microfilm. It's been ordered and hopefully will arrive tomorrow so I can try it out. (See Denise's blog post to learn what I'm referring to at The Family Curator.)



More to come. Stay tuned!

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