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Recently Thomas MacEntee released his newest business endeavor, GenBiz Solutions.  As part of the exciting announcement they provided The In-Depth Genealogist with review copies of several guides.  Over the next few weeks you'll see my reviews of each.   The first I will be covering is "Starting a Genealogy Business" by Thomas MacEntee. It is available for sale for just $4.95 on his website.

GenBiz Solutions™ is an innovative series of guides for genealogists seeking to establish or enhance a successful genealogy-related business. GenBiz Solutions™ is a partnership of genealogy professionals, coordinated and led by Thomas MacEntee.

genealogy-businessThis particular guide covers many important aspects that one needs to consider before jumping into starting a genealogy business.  He has a very realistic and thought-provoking approach in the guide that will help anyone considering starting a business.  Thomas talks about the importance of defining your goals and what you want your business to become.  Goal setting and planning are important aspects that he has tools provided to keep you on track as bonus features to the guide.

As with any business there are important topics that must be considered: legal issues, finances, and taxes.  These topics are discussed and resources for further guidance are detailed within the guide.  One aspect of the guide that I really appreciated was the lengthy list of potential genealogy products that could strengthen your business.  Many were items I was aware of, but wasn't sure how they could fit into my business goals.

The importance of networking with others and educating yourself was emphasized throughout the guide.  I love that he encourages that you reach out to other professionals for a mentor or just general advice.  An excellent part of the guide is the advice to take care of yourself.  Running a business for yourself can be a challenging and draining.  Though it is rewarding at times it is important to keep yourself well-rounded so that you don't get burnt out.  Having a healthy self is your greatest asset for your business.

The final page of the guide is full of many excellent resource links that will get you started on the right track.  When I started my own business several years ago I used many of the websites Thomas recommends.  If you are considering a leap into starting a business this will help you decide if this is truly something that you want to do.  It is a good starting point to get your mind focused on what you want your business to be and how you will get there.  Not to mention the many resources provided will give you a lot of additional information to consider.  Starting a business doesn't have to be a scary thing, but you definitely need to face it with an open heart and be willing to learn along the way.

Look for further reviews in the weeks to come as I share my thoughts on the other guides written by Thomas and his team of fellow genealogy professionals.



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Jennifer Alford is a writer, artist, and genealogy professional specializing in research in Jewish genealogy and the Midwest. As the owner of Jenealogy ( she creates engaging family history treasures to enhance the bond between generations. The love of photography, storytelling, and history combine in her blog and unique products. As part of The In-Depth Genealogist's Leadership Team, Jen is Publisher of IDG's monthly magazine, Going In-Depth.

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2 thoughts on “Review of GenBiz Solutions: Starting a Genealogy Business

  • A

    $1/page?! Is it really worth that? That seems outrageous to me. It seems like one of the first rules should be to not spend startup funds like that. Jen, did you sincerely find it that helpful and original? I don’t want to pay $1/page for general “take care of yourself” business advice…

    I’m disappointed. I was really excited about this. Sell me on it a little more? What’s the unique angle/value? Thanks.

    • Jennifer Alford Post author

      Thanks for your comments. For me, the added benefit is in the additional tools he’s created that compliment the guide. He has provided two templates to get you started. One is the “New Business Checklist” and the other is the “Idea Parking Lot”. If $5 is more than you are willing to spend, perhaps you should check out some business books from the library. They probably won’t have anything tailor made for the genealogy world, but it’s a place to start in your decision making.