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Review of GenBiz Solutions: Creating a Marketing Plan 2

gen biz solutions marketing planRecently Thomas MacEntee released his newest business endeavor, GenBiz Solutions.  As part of the exciting announcement they provided The In-Depth Genealogist with review copies of several guides for independent review by The In-Depth Genealogist.  Over the next few weeks you’ll see my reviews of each.   This one is Creating a Marketing Plan by Sharon Atkins.  Sharon is a fellow graduate of ProGen 20 and recently published a book, The P.E.O. Founder’s Scrapbook.  Sharon has her own business and a lifetime of experience in marketing and sales.  She shares her expertise in this 4-page guide is available for sale for $4.95 on his website.

GenBiz Solutions™ is an innovative series of guides for genealogists seeking to establish or enhance a successful genealogy-related business. GenBiz Solutions™ is a partnership of genealogy professionals, coordinated and led by Thomas MacEntee.

This guide is focused on creating a marketing plan for your business.

The topics Sharon covers include:

  • Marketing Basics
  • What is a Marketing Plan?
  • Set Measurable Goals
  • Establish Marketing Strategies and Tactics
  • Determine the Core Market
  • Define the Demographics of Your Specific Target Market
  • Develop Your Core Communication Message and Value Proposition
  • Establish a Marketing Budget
  • Delineate Measurements of Success

Bonus item:  Microsoft Word is a Marketing Plan Template

Her guide makes developing a marketing plan a more manageable effort by giving excellent examples of measurable steps to meet your business goals.  Sharon’s marketing tactics are a great place to start when trying to determine how you will build your business.  She covers the importance of building your brand and focusing on areas that you see as your strengths.  In today’s market it is challenging to run a business and this guide provides concrete tools which make it manageable.  Overall this guide gave me some excellent ideas for my own business. I would have liked to see more Sources and Resource links, but those provided are excellent ones that I have used a number of times myself.

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Jennifer Alford is a writer, artist, and genealogy professional specializing in research in Jewish genealogy and the Midwest. As the owner of Jenealogy ( she creates engaging family history treasures to enhance the bond between generations. The love of photography, storytelling, and history combine in her blog and unique products. As part of The In-Depth Genealogist's Leadership Team, Jen is Publisher of IDG's monthly magazine, Going In-Depth.

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