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genbiz-solutions-logoThomas MacEntee recently announced his new business endeavor, GenBiz Solutions™. These are business-related guides for transitional genealogists working to establish themselves as professionals. Thomas graciously supplied The In-Depth Genealogist with digital review copies free of charge for independent review by The In-Depth Genealogist contributors.

This six-page guide is called “Contests and Giveaways” and is written by Thomas MacEntee. Before reading this guide, I was under the impression that companies just got stuff for free or made too much of something and said, “Let’s hold a contest online and give this away.” But I was wrong. Apparently, a lot of work goes into a social media promotion.

There are a lot of reasons to hold an online contest. No matter how you slice it, it ends up being all about marketing and publicity. I know a little bit about a lot of things, but marketing isn’t one of them. Honestly, it makes my head hurt.

Thomas uses his social media expertise and tech background to break down the entire process into simple, easy-to-understand, bite-sized portions so not only do you know what to do, you also know why you’re doing it and what sort of benefit you can expect from it. You’ll learn how to get people to find and enter your contests, and how to select and contact the winners. You’ll also learn what to do if things go sideways.

Some of the topics covered by Thomas’ guide include:

• Why Hold a Contest?
• Contest Goals
• Prize Ideas
• Contest Ideas
• Legal Issues (oh, come on. You HAD to know there’d be a lawyer in here somewhere),
• Working with Sponsors
• Contest Elements
• Contest Rules
• Contest Apps and Platforms
• Marketing Your Contest
• Selecting and Notifying Winners
• Prize Fulfillment
• Post-Contest Tasks (you didn’t think you were done, did you?)
• Plus, a whole page of helpful resources

There are plenty of resources provided, from contest apps to informative articles related to every aspect of social media promotions. Granted, this little guide probably isn’t going to turn you into a multi-million-dollar marketing maven, but where else can you get all this information for $4.95?

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Jenny Lanctot is a paralegal, genealogist, and writer. In addition to her regular column Getting Started in IDG’s digital magazine Going In-Depth, she writes her personal blog Are My Roots Showing? and is a regular contributor to the FGS Voice blog. Her articles have appeared in the Florida State Genealogical Society newsletter Florida Lines and the Chattanooga Delta Genealogy Society quarterly Southern Roots & Shoots.

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