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media relations coverRecently Thomas MacEntee released his newest business endeavor, GenBiz Solutions.  As part of the exciting announcement they provided The In-Depth Genealogist with review copies of several guides. This one is "Building Media Relationships" by Gretchen Pahia of Media by Connection. Gretchen has 15 years of experience in media and public relations through her work with Abrazo Health, UnitedHealthcare, and now owns her own business. She shares her expertise in this 4-page guide available for sale for $4.95.

GenBiz Solutions™ is an innovative series of guides for genealogists seeking to establish or enhance a successful genealogy-related business. GenBiz Solutions™ is a partnership of genealogy professionals, coordinated and led by Thomas MacEntee.

This guide is focused on building effective media relationships for your business and tailoring your efforts to the media.  Whether you are looking to share a story or product you've just released for your business it is important to reach out to appropriate media contacts.

The topics Gretchen covers include:

  • Background- What is Media Relations?
  • Know "Your" Journalist!
  • Three Types of Media
  • Advantages of Earned Media
  • Reach Out to the Media
  • Media Reaching Out to You
  • Measure Your Results, Rinse, Repeat
  • Your Media Relations Program and Strategic Public Relations Plan

While I have read a few books on this topic in the past there were some helpful hints in the guide that clarified questions that I had.  Gretchen shares that most media outlets now prefer email for queries and press releases.  Doing your research on which journalist typically writes on special interest stories on local history items is important so that your efforts to reach out are not put in the proverbial trash.  Keeping these queries short and to the point is also very important.  Time is at a premium and your email needs to be short and to the point.  How does it apply to that media outlet?  What kind of readers will be interested in your item?  This guide is not exhaustive, but it gives a good overview of what you need to know to build a relationship with the media.  Further readings are provided and while I would have liked to see more links- the ones provided are helpful and lead to even more knowledge that can open up your eyes to the value of building those relationships.  This guide is recommended for those who are looking to build their name in the local community or even sell their products.


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