What Should We Do Over the Winter

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a monthly column by Terri O'Connell

With winter coming fast, thoughts of genealogy travel slowly move to the back burner (unless you are going to conferences). What should we focus on over the gloomy winter months? The answer is simple, focus on your at home research. New records are being added all the time to websites like Ancestry and FamilySearch. Taking the time over the winter months to do this research can save you time in the summer when it is time to travel!


While you go through the new records that pertain to your family, keep a list of places that you will need to visit in the future and what you need to find at each location. This way, when time comes to plan the next trip, you will already have a list of places to visit.


Make a travel research plan by creating a list by location and then break it down from there. If you have family in Hudson Falls, NY label your file as such. Within that file, you could include the name of a family church, the cemetery family members are buried at (don’t forget to add plot locations), places of employment, court houses that have pertinent records and so on. Then, under each location, note what you need to find while there.


When you feel you have compiled a large enough list to warrant a visit to one location, then its time to start planning your next trip. Make sure to see if any of the towns you will go through might have information on any of your other family lines. Maybe you can combine research on a few different lines into one trip.
Next month we will look in-depth at creating the travel research plans and how they can assist us with planning.


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