The Results of Advance Vacation Planning

Travels with Terri
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Sundown Celebration, Mallory Square, Key West FL

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In August, we discussed Mapping Out Your Travel Plans, this month we dive right back into those travel plans to see how we did at following the guide we set up before leaving for vacation.

In the original article I mentioned that we do not really plan our trip to the destination, rather we enjoy the time getting there. Well, we strayed from the norm and actually planned our whole trip. I spent many hours making hotel reservations, dining reservations, deciding what day we would be at each park and where we would go as we left one destination and moved to the next.

The outcome of our travel plans, was wonderful. Our family had a great time bonding with each other, laughing and just being silly together. We have created memories that will last a lifetime and enjoyed each of the sites we were able to visit. To read about our travels, visit Wanderlust and a Camera.

© Terri O'Connell 2012

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