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When you decide to take a road trip, do you map out your route, or do you just up and go when the day arrives? My family just “up and goes” on the route there. When we leave for a trip we are so excited about getting there that we try not to really plan any stops along the way. Our stops will be the normal stops: fill the car up with gas, grab a meal, or a restroom break. If it’s a good day, we can do all those things in one stop.


The route for home is different. For example, we are planning a trip to Orlando, Florida in near the future. We know what we will do when we get there, we have our rooms reserved, and it will be a great trip. But, it is what we plan to do after Orlando that counts.


Since the family has never been to the Keys, we plan to drive down there for a few nights. We will make reservations at a local hotel that has some historic value to it. After the Keys, we plan to drive up Florida’s 1-A into St. Augustine to see any thing (and hopefully everything) of historical significance there. That is not the end of our trip as next we plan to drive into Savannah, Georgia. Again, Savannah is an older city with so much history behind it. Our goal in Savannah is to take a ghost tour. We have heard from friends that it can be quite scary. In the past we have taken on in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and it was not scary at all. You can read about it here.


For me, this vacation will encompass family fun (Disney World), will cover one of my passions (history), and will bring our family closer together by exploring these places together on a road trip. So, I ask you this question: Do you plan your road trips out in advance? Or, do you just drive and see where you will end up? Share your stories with all IDG readers on the IDG Forum.


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