Kids’ Korner

Ready to learn about Family History?

Here are some resources to help get you started with your research. This list is by no means comprehensive.  Make sure you check with your local library. Many libraries provide free access to newspapers,,, HeritageQuest, and other databases. Explore some of these resources with your favorite adult!



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What is Genealogy? Read more here to find out!

IDG Resources for Kids, Parents, & Teachers

Kids’ Korner on Pinterest

Our Kids’ Korner board on Pinterest is a great place to find activities, crafts, research ideas, and more!

IDG Teacher and Parent Resources

Don’t forget to look at the websites and resources listed on our Teacher and Parent page. Many of these websites are great for kids to explore with their favorite adult.

Don’t forget that The In-Depth Genealogist also shares ideas, tips, and resources for sharing genealogy with kids in our monthly issue and on our blog. Just search for the key words “Genealogy for Kids” in the search box on top of any IDG webpage.

Websites for Kids

Cyndi’s List: Kids & Teens

Website full of links to genealogy and history resources around the world.

Immigration: Stories of Yesterday and Today

Scholastic’s Immigration site is loaded with great information for kids to explore. Make history come to life!

Genealogy for Kids

The mission of the Genealogy for Kids Facebook page is to introduce kids to the study of genealogy and to help them have a greater appreciation for their family histories. I am also helping genealogy societies, teachers, and libraries introduce genealogy to kids.

Research Products Useful for Kids

Sort Your Story

This is a genealogy software program that helps you organize your photos and documents with notes and source citations. This is a great product for all levels of researchers but kids will definitely benefit from the ease of use.

This is a family tree website where you can upload a tree or create a tree, add photos, connect and share with family and more.