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The New Year has begun.  Many of us are making lists of goals, resolutions, or tasks that we want to accomplish over the next 12 months.  However, have you thought of ways that you can keep track of these, yourself, your time, and how close you are to accomplishing them?  If not, perhaps you should look into the various organizational programs that are on the market and see if one is the right fit for you.

There is nothing worse than realizing a year later that you were never quite able to stay on top of your projects and ideas.  Lack of focus and organization is the downfall of most endeavors.  Below are 5 apps that could make you, your work, your family, and even your genealogy better in the New Year.

Google Keep

For desktop and android (iOS users are still waiting for their own app) this product works over multiple devices to record your thoughts, ideas, and notes.  Make check lists, take pictures, record audio notes, or even type ideas into the program.  They are kept neat, tidy, and organized for future use.  Plus, if you are working with a group of people share them with as many friends, family, or coworkers that you want!

Available for iOS, Android, and as a chrome extension for your computer this app helps organize your life and keep you on track.  Sync your Google calendar across your devices and always know when and where you are going.  Make reminders for yourself or even timelines for goals.  Plus share tasks and to-do lists with contacts in your address book to make sure everyone is on the same page.  Easy to use and fun as well.


Another Google product, QuickOffice is a great product that allows users to edit Microsoft Office files on their mobile devices.  The sky is the limit essentially.  Users can edit or make spreadsheets, documents, or presentations all on their mobile devices and then continue working on them at their desktops.  The app works with GoogleDrive to save, share, and use the MSOffice files you were working on.  Make sure to download QuickOffice for your Chrome Browser so that all your files are at your fingertips.


Of all the platforms this organizer has a bit more oomph than most.  With both a free and paid version (suggested for businesses) you can really take your planning to another level.  This app has a goal planning section that assists you in breaking them into smaller easier to achieve chunks.  You can share your lists with anyone you choose as well.  With the ability to sync to the cloud all your devices are up to date and you never have to worry about what is located where, particularly if you are not home.



Are you the type of person that has pages and pages of ideas, notes, and research?  Or do you have lists of your lists?  If you do then this is the app for you.  Make multiple lists (or even lists of lists) and keep them all together in one place.  Or have separate journals for projects and ideas.  It is free and available on your desk top.  Currently there is only an iOS app with the Andrioid version still in the works however, you can navigate Workflowy from your mobile browser and keep all your ideas synced there.  Oh, and you can share your lists too so there is no excuse that no one knows what they should pick up from the store while they are out.

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