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  • Going In-Depth: October 2014

    Going In-Depth: October 2014 (PDF)


    Want to read the magazine, but don’t want to commit to a subscription?  Purchase the PDF for your own use! Here’s what is in this issue of the magazine:

    • Five Tribes Genealogy: “Finding Your Freedmen Ancestors” by Liz Walker
    • The Society Pages: “Pioneer and First Family Societies” by Shannon Combs-Bennett
    • Tracing Blue & Gray: “We Can Hear the Voices of Union and Confederate Soldiers Today” by Cindy Freed
    • Tracing Your Criminal Ancestors: “The Most Famous of Prisons” by Kirsty Gray
    • Beyond the Obituaries: “Pioneer Societies” by Debbie Carder Mayes
    • Across the Pond: “The National Insurance Act of 1946” by Julie Goucher
    • The Heritage Tourist: “Country Roads, West Virginia” by Dr. Bill Smith
    • Genealogy Solutions: “’… but what about Willie?’ and the Ancestry.com Message Boards” by Leslie Drewitz
    • Index of Advertisers/Surnames/Places/Subjects