Oh. The Places You’ll Go! – Recap – What are Y’all Saying?

GeneaChat: Oh. The Places You’ll Go! - Recap-What are Y’all Saying?

The month of July has been all about sharing where we have gone to research our ancestors and where we are planning to go. Do you have a genealogy trip bucket list?

There is nothing like visiting the towns, counties and countries our family lived in. Visiting sites in their communities and walking where they walked is a feeling that can not be produced any other way.

No matter what may be available online, we all need to go visit, and experience where we come from.

This topic brought comments, photos and links to blog posts sharing visits to places they once were.

Ursula Krouse left this comment and some photos:

My great-great-great-grandmother Caroline Buchin was baptized in the church of Warnkenhagen, Mecklenburg in 1801. Photo Credit: Ursula Krouse


I think this was the house she was born, it's in close by Gottin where her father was a dairy man. Photo Credit: Ursula Krouse

From Jamie Mayhew:

We tack on a Genealogy road trip to NGS each year. This year researched in Grand Rapids, drove to Cleveland and Portage County Ohio, then drove across country to California. I have a AAA US map where I plot out each Trip. I also use Google maps, but I do like the paper version.

Lisa Hork Gorrell said:

Last summer I tacked a road trip after the IGGC. Went to Mitchell, SD and Stanton & Red Oak Iowa to do family research.

She included the photo of the Catholic church they attended.

Catholic Church attended by ancestors of Lisa Gorrell

Christine Woodcock from Genealogy Tours of Scotland shared “In Search of My Haddows” about her travels in Scotland to where walk her ancestors walked.

In the post “Heritage Travel” Terri O’Connell shares her Heritage Travel business opportunities to help you plan your next trip, you can also find many posts about her heritage trips!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share a link, comment or photo telling us about the places they have been or plans they are making to visit where their ancestors lived and their feelings about being there.

It’s never too late to be part of the fun. If you missed the original post, here’s where to find it Oh, the Places You’ll Go-Genealogy Research Trips.

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