Modena’s Month of Genealogy

Once again, I’m using this small space of mine to make invites. It’s the Italian hospitality, you know! And once again this (very interesting) event, may be a bit outskirt for your usual places. But I can’t imagine a better opportunity to a genealogical trip than visiting Italy, and a better reason to visit Italy than a genealogy-related trip!

On November the 5th, from 9 am to 18 pm will be held in Modena, Italy, the final event of the tenth edition of Modena’s Month of genealogy (Mese della Genealogia di Modena 2019): the International Genealogy conference. Indeed, since many years, Modena is without doubt one of the most active, genealogically speaking, cities of Italy.

Modena is the land of balsamic vinegar, ham, pasta and motors (maybe you have heard about Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pinelli, all in the motor valley close-by Modena) and, during October, also of genealogy!

Indeed, thanks to the organizer entity, the Non solo Scuola society, and to the Polellis family (please let me thank Maurizio, his wonderful wife Daniela, and his daughter Martina) the real soul of this (and many other interesting!) event, Modena can host for a full month so many genealogical activities! I may assure you that this is completely a novelty for Italy, and that no other city in the boot can offer something similar. Just to make some examples, for instance during this month it is possible to visit Archives that are usually closed, to make guided genealogical tours of the city and to attend lectures and events genealogy related. More in general, this is a precious month to have a look at the genealogical community in Italy, or to begin with this drug (if you read this magazine you probably know what I mean!) for genealogy curious.

This month is concluded with a (very nice) final event: an international conference, with some keynote speaker, coming from all over Europe. This year your favourite Italian genealogist is also among the speakers! I will be there giving a lecture on the use of statistic to improve genealogical research. I know, I love numbers too much. But please follow me: one of the definition of statistic is the science of taking decisions in uncertain condition. Can you imagine something more uncertain than a genealogical research? I hardly can. So my speech will (hopefully!) explain why is it worth to apply statistic to genealogy, and especially to typical genealogical problems, I will also explain (not prove probably!) some very basic statistical theorem that are useful, or at least have an application (also) in genealogy, and I will finally provide some practical helps that anyone can use (also the ones who fell asleep after the first five minutes of my lecture). Yes, exactly I will provide tools, in the form of small software and calculus sheets, to apply what I taught in the lecture without having to know a single line of statistic! If you cannot come to Modena (unlucky you!) and you are interested in this approach to genealogy, and in the possible practical uses of statistic in genealogical research, drop me a line. I will be glad to share some insights of my findings with you, and to discuss the topic!

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