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Larry NaukamLarry Naukam’s background includes more than 30 years of public library reference work. His experience includes years in Acquisitions, Cataloging, the Bookmobile, and his favorite, Genealogy, Local History, and Digitizing. He has written for Genealogical Computing, GenWeekly, and a Rochester History pamphlet on “Family History more than Genealogy”, published in 1990 by the Rochester City Historian. He gives many talks each year, and is currently involved with the Rochester Genealogical Society as their VP for programs; the Digital Public Library of America; the Church Records Preservation Committee of the RGS; and as a volunteer scanner and cataloger for various local historical societies, libraries and town historians in New York State.

Go In-Depth With Larry:

What is one tip you would give a newbie genealogist?
Try many sources. No one company, book, or library will have everything that you will find useful. Keep an open mind.

If you could go to any conference / institute which would it be?
While the NGS and the FGS conferences are useful for many reasons, my own choice would be Rootstech, as that is where my interests lie now.

What is your favorite Repository?
The Family History Library of the LDS church in Salt Lake City. They have a broad and diverse collection all under one roof, with subject specialists who care about their work.

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Larry holds degrees in Geography, Library Science, and Divinity. He has written for genealogical publications for 30 years. He is very interested in the intersection of computers and genealogy research.