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Kathryn Lake HoganKathryn Lake Hogan is a professional genealogist, author, educator and speaker specializing in helping family history researchers find their ancestors in Canada. She is the driving force behind her family history business, LOOKING4ANCESTORS. A graduate of the National Institute of Genealogical Studies, Kathryn has earned three Professional Learning Certificates in Genealogical Studies in methodology, Canadian, and English research. She has completed the ProGen Study course, and annually attends genealogy research institutes and conferences.

Starting with her own family history research over 15 years ago, Kathryn has not only made genealogy her passion, she has also committed herself to helping others discover the joys of family history and how to locate their own ancestors.

Kathryn is the author of Digging Your Canadian Roots, as well as sixteen Legacy QuickGuides™ featuring Canadian research topics.

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Giving back to the genealogy community is important to Kathryn. Currently, she is the Webinar Co-ordinator with the Ontario Genealogical Society, Director-at-Large with the Association of Professional Genealogists, member of the Ontario Chapter APG, and Dominion Genealogist of the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada.

Kathryn enjoys speaking both nationally and internationally at local, and provincial/state societies, and regional conferences. Her webinars and presentations featuring Canadian research topics appeal to a wide audience of family historians.

Go In-Depth With Kathryn:

What is one tip you would give a newbie genealogist? 
Learn how to cite your sources, and then do it. Citing your sources can be tedious, but you’ll thank yourself later. Citing your sources shows others where your information came from, and it prevents you from repeating unnecessary research. A great book to learn how to cite sources is Evidence Explained by Elizabeth Shown Mills.

Is there one area / specialty in genealogy you would like to learn / study?
My grandfather was from Wales, so I’d like to learn more about Welsh genealogy and history. Ideally, I’d like to visit Wales for an extended period of time to experience the culture, learn a little of the language and do research.

What is your favorite repository? 
My favourite repository is the Burton Collection at the Detroit Public Library. The reading room has a great atmosphere for doing research. There are some fascinating old documents in the collection including ‘Canadian’ records.

What is your social media tool of choice for genealogy? 
My social media tool of choice for genealogy is Facebook. I schedule posts about Canadian history and genealogy to appear on Facebook throughout the day. Also, there are active groups about Canadian genealogy on Facebook to help genealogists with research questions.

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Canadian by birth, Kathryn Lake Hogan is a professional genealogist, author, educator and speaker specializing in helping family history researchers find their ancestors in Canada. You can learn more about Kathryn’s services at LOOKING4ANCESTORS (http://looking4ancestors.com). Kathryn is also the Dominion Genealogist with the United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada. She is a regular contributor to The In-Depth Genealogist, a digital community that contributes to the advancement of all genealogists. Kathryn pens the bi-monthly column In the Land of the Maple Leaf and contributes regular blog posts. You can find The In-Depth Genealogist online at www.theindepthgenealogist.com.

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