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Janet HavorkaJanet Hovorka received a B.A. in Ancient Near Eastern History and a Master's degree in Library and Information Science from BYU.  She and her husband Kim Hovorka own Family ChartMasters the official printers for most genealogy software companies, as well as My Heritage and FamilySearch.  Family ChartMasters won Family Tree Magazine's Editor's choice and 101 Best Website awards as well as FamilySearch software awards.  Family ChartMasters prides themselves in being able to print *any* kind of genealogy chart, from beautiful fine art pieces to 600 foot family reunion charts.

One of Janet's greatest genealogy accomplishments was the completion of her Mother-in-law's oral history just one year prior to her untimely death.  Most recently she has found great satisfaction in encouraging her teenage children's genealogical interests. Janet is the author of the Zap the Grandma Gap books and workbooks to help family historians engage the youth in their family with their history.  Janet is passionate about the nutrition family history brings to the souls of all family members and how it creates stronger relationships in modern families.

Janet writes the Chart Chick blog and the Zap The Grandma Gap blog, is active on social media and has written for numerous genealogy publications and enjoys speaking about genealogy nationally and internationally.  She is past President of the Utah Genealogical Association, teaches library science, business and genealogy at Salt Lake Community College.

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What is your favorite blog post from your personal website?
Saturday, March 29, 2008 "The magnitude is amazing." It is just a short little note, but it expresses the magnitude of what family historians do.  I get to spend my days trying to plot out huge amounts of genealogy data and I have a great reverence for the span of a family and how our lives affect so many others.  When we remember and honor those who came before we perform a service that resonates through time.  And when we save those stories for future generations, we build a bridge that can make a huge difference in the world.

What is the most creative way you have shared your ancestor stories?
My mother taught me to celebrate family history in lots and lots of ways. It was in the food we ate, in the music we listened to, in the places and people we visited, the traditions we had, etc. etc. Some of my favorite ways I have shared my ancestor's stories with my own children have been by planting the favorite flowers of each of our mothers and grandmothers for three generations. We have also decorated our home with pictures and mementos, made quilts and crafts, played favorite games, eaten favorite treats, and many other things. Of course my favorite is to design beautiful charts that hopefully become the centerpiece to a family's home. It is a great privilege to help others show off their photos, stories and the relationships of their family history.

What are your feelings about adding non-blood related lines into your research?
Oh my goodness, of course. How boring a compiled genealogy would be with only blood lines. The more the better. In-laws, outlaws and blended families only add more lines to follow--all the more fun. I have one natural sister and three adopted sisters and that has always been a source of pride in our family. They are all equally my sisters. It's all family. I would never think of stopping with only blood lines. Now adding pets--maybe that gets a little questionable. But even then I could probably make a good argument... People you've donated organs to...?

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Janet Hovorka owns Family ChartMasters, an award-winning genealogy chart printing service and official printing service for most genealogy software and database companies.  Janet has written the Zap The Grandma Gap books and workbooks and is an international speaker.  You can find her multiple interests at janethovorka.com. Janet is the author of IDG’s bi-monthly column, Biz Matters. This article originally appeared on The In-Depth Genealogist and can be found here. [insert original link]