Introducing Delving Deep

Introducing Delving Deep

Over the last few months you may have noticed that the “Across the Pond column “has been fairly quiet. Since losing my Mum I have felt a need to take some time out and reflect on the here and now. Mum would have called it “taking stock”. I am now back, not with renewed energy, but with a shift on my focus and reflecting.

Part of that reflecting has enabled me to prepare and develop my usual blog posts at The In-Depth Genealogist into a regular series with a theme to it. Therefore let me introduce you to Delving Deep so you can see what it entails and where I am planning these blog posts to visit.

Across the Pond will continue to be about researching in the United Kingdom. Delving Deep will feature a more in-depth look at a County, a county archive, a business archive, or something of that ilk. It will enable a more focused view akin to peeling an onion; looking beyond the basics and perhaps exploring at a deeper level. I hope that you will enjoy this new theme to my blog posts and if you want me to explore a particular archive or County then feel free to drop me an email with a request. Please use the subject as Delving Deep.

Be sure to keep reading the In-Depth Genealogist blog posts to see where I shall be Delving Deep next time.

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