IDG’s Top 3 Articles of 2012 2


It's nearly the end of December, and as we are heading into the New Year, we at IDG are sharing YOUR favorites!


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Drumroll..... Our top 3 most read articles in The In-Depth Genealogist digi-mag for 2012 are:


Deep Into DNA: Your Mother's Mother
by Mike Maglio

Webinars + Genealogy = A Winning Equation
by Shelley Bishop

Cemetery Deeds: They're Land Records Too
by Michelle Goodrum


If you haven't gotten a chance to read these, enjoy!




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2 thoughts on “IDG’s Top 3 Articles of 2012

  • Debbie

    I wanted to comment on the article in the Top 3 Blog Posts of 2012 about cemetery deeds.. It is true that you want to find the deed records. I found a child in my family whose only existence was in the deed records. Unfortunately, it didn’t tell her name but it did tell that a female child was buried there and had the years of her birth and death. Her surname was the same as only one member of the family so that told me whose daughter she was. Had I not seen that deed recorded in the cemetery office, I would never have known that this child existed as I haven’t found her in any other records.