How the Battle of Prairie Grove, or One Like It, Can Help Your Heritage Tourism Planning!

Each day I read the Civil War Daily Gazette in my email where Eric provides a neat story, usually with maps, always with photos, of what was going on 150 years ago today, December 7, 1862, in the Civil War. Today the title was: "The Bloody Fight at Prairie Grove." Having read the lead-up stories, I knew this battle was in northwest Arkansas, just down the road from me, here in the Ozarks. I didn't realize such a bloody battle had occurred at this time and place, so I did some followup research. My primary reason to share this with you, today, is as a reminder that "you never know" when and where "good leads" for your Heritage Tourism planning may occur. When they do, however, you should make a note of them, do just a little bit of research, and put them in your file with some sort of reminder to check back again, especially when you are traveling in that area.


How do you remind yourself of good sources?

How do you remind yourself of good sources?


The National Park Service has used the Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park as the setting for one of their excellent "Teaching with Historic Places Lesson Plans" online. Follow the several links in the Table of Contents (scroll down) for really good little readings, and, click on Related Information for several more useful sites about the Battle.


"Civil War Journeys" is another website that provided a blow-by-blow account in easy to read format with additional links. The State Parks of Arkansas website, of course, is a definitive local source for detailed information. All the information you need, when you are ready to visit the site, is right there.


How do you remember to "put a flag on" interesting places you want to visit? I look forward to your comments!  😉

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