Hey Kids: What is Genealogy?




Hey kids! Have you heard the terms genealogy, family history and social history but are not quite sure what they mean? No so sure any of that can be exciting because isn't history "boring"? I hope to show you that it can be exciting and fun.


Genealogy is defined as a study of the family. It identifies ancestors and their information.

Family history is defined as the research of past events relating to a family or families, written in a narrative form.

Social history is defined as the study of the everyday lives of ordinary people.


What does all this mean?


It means that you and your ancestors have stories that should be told. How they should be told is up to you. Are you crafty? Could you make a photo collage or scrapbook? Do you like to write? Could you write a short story about one of your ancestors? Do you draw? Could you sketch out a family tree?


Stop by soon for ways to tell your family's stories.


Jennifer Holik is the author of Branching Out, a series of genealogy lesson books written for children. She also writes the Kids' Korner column that appears monthly in The In-Depth Genealogist. Find out more about Jennifer and her products at Generations.

About Jennifer Holik

Jennifer Holik is a genealogical research professional, lecturer, author, and the owner of Generations. For clients, Jennifer specializes in Chicago Italians and writing family histories. Jennifer published a set of genealogy textbooks for kids, adults, genealogy societies and libraries in 2012. Jennifer is available for lectures in the Chicagoland area. Jennifer is the author of many featured articles including the Kids’ Korner feature on The In-Depth Genealogist.

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