Groundhog Day: Where Are You Stuck? 2

Have you seen the movie Groundhog Day? The main character wakes up every morning, and it’s the same day, over and over. No matter how much he tries to change what he’s doing, he is stuck.


Sometimes, it feels like we are in the middle of a genealogy groundhog day! We keep looking and looking for that elusive ancestor or record and not get anywhere. Sometimes we repeat the same searches and look for the same records over and over because we fail to keep track of what we have done before.

Whatever the reason is, we feel stuck and are frustrated.

Are you stuck? Are you looking for someone you can’t find?

What document, photo or other record have you been looking for for years?

Have you caught yourself looking at the same books, documents or other records over again only to realize you have already done that?

Like everyone, I have made the mistake of not keeping track of my research and had to look up something again. I have failed to enter information and had to go back and see what a document said.

I have written some posts about frustrating ancestors and events that have kept me stuck for years. Some still are giving me that Ground Hog Day Feeling. I seem to search over and over and either come up with the same results or no results at all.

Research Grief, written for Randy Seaver’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun shares my exasperation with searching for my great-great-grandfather Bertrand Campbell Price. I have written many posts about this man who disappeared in 1922 without a trace.

I wrote The Ancestor Banquet to share who I would like to spend some time with to get those answers to my long list of questions! Wouldn’t it be great to be able to sit down and asked them?

Now it’s your turn! Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Is there a person or document you just can’t find? Do you need to be more organized so that you don’t have to look for or run the same searches over and over? Are you suffering from Groundhog Day syndrome? We want to hear about it!!

You can participate in this month’s GeneaChat by sharing a blog post or leaving a comment letting us know where you are stuck and why. If you’ve been able to become “unstuck” let us know how! Need a better organizing system or found one that works? Please share!

Remember that links to your posts and the comments you leave will be part of the recap at the end of the month.

Looking forward to reading what y’all have to say!

Thanks for GeneaChatting!


Cheri Hudson Passey

About Cheri Hudson Passey

Cheri Hudson Passey is a Professional Genealogist, Instructor, Writer and Speaker. She is the owner of Carolina Girl Genealogy, LLC which provides research services as well as instruction and coaching though her Genealogy 1-on-1 classes. Born in South Carolina, Cheri has roots in the state for many generations. Her blog Carolina Girl Genealogy has helped tell the story of these ancestors and her research process. You can contact Cheri by email or by visiting her blog Carolina Girl Genealogy. Cheri Hudson Passey writes the Modus Operandi column for Going In-Depth Magazine.

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2 thoughts on “Groundhog Day: Where Are You Stuck?

  • Jen Rickards

    My biggest brick wall has been my 3rd Great Grandma, Maggie Molten. I have been stuck on her since I first started doing genealogy research in 2012. I’ve checked the same records over and over again to no avail. While I have been able to find quite a bit of information about her life in St. Louis, tracing her in Tennessee (where she was born) has been very difficult. My most recent find led me to discover she is actually not my 3rd Great Grandma by blood. She adopted the child her husband had with another woman, while they were married. I have not been able to trace anything about Maggie back farther than 1872 when she got married. What makes this even more difficult, is I believe she lied about the year she was born later in life to appear younger. Because the year listed in most recent records from St. Louis don’t match up with the records in Tennessee. I know for a fact, this is her in Tennessee. A lot of truths have been hidden for so many years and I am just beginning to dust off the shelves and open the closets with skeletons in them. I want to be able to trace Maggie back farther and find out where she came from. She was a big part of my family’s life for many generations and I want to know the truth about her life. I’ve written about her many times in my blog. Here is the latest blog post about my shocking discovery:
    Maybe one day when I can make a trip to Tennessee, and spend hours and days trying to find leads and chasing them to the end, I will be able to complete her story.

    • Cheri Hudson Passey
      Cheri Hudson Passey Post author

      It’s amazing what we learn as we research! Secrets and lies that were kept and thought would never see daylight. Thanks so much for sharing your story. Keep us posted as you learn of her truths. Your comments and link will be in the recap. Maybe someone reading will be able to help!