Grave Dowsing


  1. Iain M Cooke
    Iain M Cooke November 21, 2013 at 2:28 am .

    Weii it is proven to work with water, why not bodies? but personally i’m thinking hogwash! I would love to see it in action!

  2. Lisa Sullivan Taisey
    Lisa Sullivan Taisey November 22, 2013 at 4:29 am .

    Water in the Southwest is a premium! Some folks swear by this man that uses the “Dowsing” means to help them find water so they can drill a well for water…great article!!

  3. Lisa Sullivan Taisey
    Lisa Sullivan Taisey November 22, 2013 at 4:33 am .

    Folks around here in New Mexico swear by a local man that uses the dowsing technique that tells a land owner where to find water and how far down to dig your well..great article and topic for discussion!

  4. Wendy
    Wendy April 28, 2014 at 11:27 am .

    Hi there – I do not normally reply to these things…but when I saw the subject…how could I resist? You will be happy to know that YES it does work. In fact, it works VERY well. My experience started with my husband who was playing a video game in which they used a dowsing rod. He was curious, folded a wire hanger he had cut in half, and out the door he went. It worked – reacting to our water main, again and again! I did not believe it and pulled the coat hanger wire away from him to take my turn. I was equally impressed. He went back to the game that day, but something in me had changed. I wanted more. I soon discovered that these little wires could locate more than just water. I have used them to find unmarked graves and measure the bodies many times. Of course you can try it out at a regular cemetery first, just prepare yourself to be amazed. The common ‘L’ rods will cross over the bodies, it does not matter how old they are – 200 years or 2 days it works the same. Just make sure that you do not use your thumb to hold the rods firmly in place as you could change the outcome and you want to allow them to move on their own. For total freedom of movement they do sell rods on ebay that have copper sleeves over the handles….but for the beginner, nothing works better than a simple coat hanger cut in half and bent into 2 ‘L’ shapes. Have fun everyone – don’t try to figure it out, you are wasting your time. I suppose this falls into the ‘paranormal’ unexplained area – but it does work….

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