Going to the Dogs! 2

Almond Joy Sundance, age 10 weeks. ©Deborah Carder Mayes; used with permission

Almond Joy Sundance, age 10 weeks.
©Deborah Carder Mayes; used with permission

Before I began doing genealogy I knew so little about it that I thought that a pedigree was something for full-blooded dogs and race horses.  It never occurred to me that humans had pedigrees.

After working on my family history for sixteen years, I guess I’ve become a full-fledged genealogy nut.  Not only do I work on my family and sometimes, on the families of other people, I’ve gone to the dogs.

My husband and I got a new beagle puppy last fall.  The breeder told me that our sweet little puppy, Joy was the great granddaughter of a world grand champion and promised to send me the information about her champion bloodlines.

Now, we didn’t get Joy because she is full-blooded or because she comes from a line of champions.  We got her because she’s adorable and we fell in love with her.

The breeder forgot to send the information about our puppy’s champion lines.  Well, curiosity got the better of me.  When I received Joy’s American Kennel Club pedigree and knew the names of her parents, I figured if there were champions in her family, then I could probably find out who they were and what their titles were on some website about dog shows and competitions.  With her newly received pedigree chart in front of me, I started Googling the names of my puppy’s parents and grandparents.

I learned that my puppy’s grandparents are both world champions and come from champion lines and that her paternal grandpa was a 17 time world champion and holds 49 titles.  He is not a champion in the type of competitions we see on TV in dog shows, such as the Westminster dog show.  He is a champion primarily in hunting classifications of the United Kennel Club.   This does not necessarily make my puppy something special.  First I am not planning for her to compete.  Second, as of February 14 2014, according to the UKC website, (http://www.ukcdogs.com), Joy’s grandfather has sired 170 pups.  Some of them have also competed, are champions, and have earned titles, as have some of their pups.

I also found a photo of my puppy’s father and photos of several other dogs who descend through her father and her grandparents.

I traced my puppy’s family history back to her 16 third great grandparents.  I learned a lot of beagles, the various types of competitions for beagles and hunting dogs and much about my puppy’s family.

Call me crazy or just hooked on genealogy.  Either way, I’ve gone to the dogs and had a blast tracing my puppy’s family history.





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