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GeneaChat December 2018 Gifts from the Past-What’s Your Legacy?

It’s that time of year when we search for gifts for friends and love ones. No matter our religious or cultural beliefs we look for what we can do to bring joy to those around us.

Have you taken the time to think about the gifts your ancestors shared with you? Often as we research, discoveries are made about personalities, talents or hobbies we have that were shared by those in our family tree.

This month, we are sharing those moments when we find out we can trace the things we do, love and feel back in time.
What was passed down to you? A love of animals, the ability to play a musical instrument, a desire to serve your country?

What about precious heirlooms? It is a truly special to hold something once belonging to them.

What has their hard work and determination to give their families a better life gifted you with?

Who passed these things on to you and to whom are you passing them forward?

Here are some of mine:

As an adoptive parent, I was amazed to find that my great great grandfather was known in the community where he lived as being one who “took in many children” read about this in “Naturally Kindhearted

The obituary of his wife, my great great grandmother tells the same story in “a Mother’s Heart

Many had musical talents as do my children. They are “Musically Inclined”.

Sometimes we feel strengthened in a time of sorrow or hardship by learning of the things our progenitors went through and how they managed to forge ahead.

Saying Goodbye too Soon” was written as I leaned about the devastating diagnosis of my 12-year-old son and wondering if I could rely on the strength and fortitude of the mother’s before me who had lost a child.

My mom calls me ‘the keeper of all things”. I have written about some of the items precious to me in “Treasures to Me,” “Grandmom’s Locket” and “Etta’s Comb.

Now it’s your turn! There are several ways you can participate. In the comments section, leave a link to a post, share a photo or tell us about your veteran.

This December let’s think about the lives of our ancestors and the special gifts they passed down to us. We are who we are because of them.

Remember that links to your posts and the comments you leave will be part of the Recap: Gifts from the Past - What’s Your Legacy, at the end the month.

Can’t wait to hear what y’all have to say!

Thanks for GeneaChatting!

Cheri Hudson Passey

About Cheri Hudson Passey

Cheri Hudson Passey is a Professional Genealogist, Instructor, Writer and Speaker. She is the owner of Carolina Girl Genealogy, LLC which provides research services as well as instruction and coaching though her Genealogy 1-on-1 classes. Born in South Carolina, Cheri has roots in the state for many generations. Her blog Carolina Girl Genealogy has helped tell the story of these ancestors and her research process. You can contact Cheri by email or by visiting her blog Carolina Girl Genealogy. Cheri Hudson Passey writes the Modus Operandi column for Going In-Depth Magazine.

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