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As we discover those who fit into our family tree, we often see patterns. Patterns of personality, hobbies or careers. We also find or are gifted items once belonging to our loved ones. This month we’ve been sharing the legacies passed down by those in our past.

December is a busy time of year with the holiday shopping and planning. Families are getting together, and we are making memories. With all the business of this time of year, I am grateful for the readers who took time to share.
So, what were y’all saying?

A touching story of survival and perseverance comes from Amy Cohen in her post “Max Goldschmidt: A Survivor

Karen Newman left this comment:

I received a pincushion belonging to my 4X great grandmother, Sarah Carmichael Basey. She was born in about 1783 and died in 1868.

Laura Hedgcock of Treasure Chest of Memories shares the tradition of animals in the family and how they can lead us to understanding the character of our loved ones in her post “Animal Stories Reveal Character”.

From Liz Gauffreau we read the story of a treasure passed down in In Search of Velma Brown [Moore] (1897-1975).

She also shared this link to “An 1848 Christmas Story: A Gift of Freedom.

EvaAnne Johnson said:

I am lucky to have many photos, albums, and letters passed down from several sides of my family. The one side that is short on letters has a few family heirlooms, like engraved pocket watches and a quilt. One set of letters is especially special, because they were written by my great-grandfather while he was fighting in the American Army during WWI. He never spoke of the war when he came back, and he died young, so my mother never knew him. I’ve scanned and shared his letters here: “Letters from the Great War 1917-1919

Another comment comes from Diane Anderson. She says:

I do not have a photo with me at the moment that I could add. But I do have a large framed photo of my great-great grandparents from the early 1880’s.

This weekend, I will be taking it to our Christmas celebration to give to my brother. His daughter is very interested in our family history, and I would like her to have it.

Thanks everyone for these wonderful posts! These are beautiful examples of the legacies we receive from our families. We have learned from them and in turn are sharing with the next generation.

It’s never too late to be part of the fun. If you missed the original post, here’s where to find it, Gifts from the Past - What’s Your Legacy?

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