GeneaChat: Organization – Where Do You Put Your Stuff-Recap-What are Y’all Saying?

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This month we have been sharing our ideas for organizing our research, photos, and other things we collect through the research process. What works for you may not work for someone else, but sharing how you do it may trigger an idea for someone else to implement in their process.

So, what were y’all saying?

Here’s a post I wrote while working on the Genealogy Do Over a couple of years ago.
Friday Follow up-Organizing and Going Over and another on Software and Digitization.

For all you bloggers out there. Here’s a great idea from Diane Hall Gould showing how she keeps track of her blog post so records and stories aren’t repeated. This idea could work for organizing other genealogy topics as well. Tuesday’s Tip-Keeping Track of Blog Posts-This is How I’m Doing It-What’s Your Method?

The In-Depth Genealogist Blog has featured several posts about organization over the years.
Shannon Combs-Bennett writes about tools for Productivity and Organization.

And Jenny Joyce asks Did You Make Any New Years Resolutions in her post discussing how to set your goals for a successful new genealogy year.

We’d love to for you to share your ideas! As you click through and read these posts thoughts may come to you about how you can better organize your stuff. As they do, either write a post about them and share your link or leave a comment below.

It’s never too late to be part of the fun. If you missed the original  GeneaChat post, here’s where to find it: GeneaChat-Organization ~ Where Do You Put Your Stuff?

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We’d love to hear from you!

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